Is Pitbull Married and Does He Have Kids?

Is Pitbull Married and Does He Have Kids?
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Affectionately called Mr. Worldwide, pitbull is indeed a force to be reckoned with when it comes to rap music. The talented rapper, born Armando Christian Perez on January 15, 1981, is not only a rapper but also a remarkable record producer and actor. Pitbull, the son of Armando Perez and Alysha Acosta, won several hearts after his poetic interpretation of the works of Jose Marti in Spanish when he was only three years old.

Apart from his appointment and his achievements, an unpopular side of his life, which he does not like to talk about, would be his private life. Several questions about this aspect of his life have found their way onto the Internet, as is always the case with celebrities. Pitbull grew up with his mother because his parents divorced when he was very young. Later he moved to Roswell, Georgia, where he was taken care of by his foster family.

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Could this be the reason why all these questions about his private life keep coming up? More than that, the internet has been upsetting about his relationships and everything to do with his love life. Some sources speculate that the rapper’s rough childhood could be the reason why he has a very complicated love life. Let us then try to find out why the singer is portrayed in this way.

Is Pitbull Married and Does He Have Kids?
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Does Pitbull Have a Wife?

Pitbull says he is single, bilingual and willing to mingle; he has had some relationships throughout his career. The singer has been with no less than five women, and the truth is that only the rapper knows what happened between him and his ladies. If you’re looking for a name, you might not get one because the pitbull is notoriously discreet in his relationships.

However, the only name we hear over and over again is Barbara Alba, even though the two paths have separated since 2011. Apart from Alba, who has two children for him, no other name has been associated with the rapper. Armando prefers to keep his private life private and always avoids questions about his love life. This is why the media find it difficult to pin a woman on him.

He hasn’t been married, and for all we know, he doesn’t seem eager to be set up. The famous rapper has not made a life-long pact with any of his ladies, although the media keeps digging to find out if there is more behind what he reveals.

What Happened to His Relationship with Barbara Alba?

As mentioned earlier, Barbara is the only woman ever reported as a pit bull’s girlfriend. She is the mother of his two children, Destiny Perez and Bryce Perez, and the only woman ever reported as Pitbull’s girlfriend. It’s not clear when the former couple started dating, but they made the news in the early 2000s because several sources considered them as one item. At that time they both performed together, but only on a few occasions.

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They welcomed their first child Destiny in 2002, and their second child Bryce arrived the following year. It must have been during this time that conversations about their relationship began to spread. The once-beloved couple separated in 2011 for reasons not yet clarified. Not long after Pitbull and Barbara went their separate ways, a court case for palimony followed.

Is Pitbull Married and Does He Have Kids?
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In the end, Barbara was granted custody of the children, while Mr. Worldwide was to pay her $3,000 a month as alimony and maintenance. However, there were reports that Pitbull’s ex-girlfriend later, as the singer’s career gradually blossomed, asked for an increase in money. Surprisingly, he gave in to her demands and increased the money to another amount unknown to us.

We do not know exactly where Barbara Alba is at the moment. This is mainly because after the separation she decided to live her life away from the cameras.

Does He Have Any More Kids?

After their separation, Pitbulls’ children Bryce and Destiny now stay with their mother Barbara. As with their mother, not much is known about their whereabouts, as they have been reluctant to talk. As already mentioned, information about pit bulls’ loves life is not available at the moment.

Apart from Barbara Alba, Pitbull has been involved with several other women, but none of their names are known. So far the rapper has a total of six children by different women, but apart from Barabara Alba and her children, their names and those of their mothers are not known. Who knows, maybe Pitbull’s children are even more than six, but the media may never find out because of his extreme discretion.