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How Much is Kourtney Kardashian Worth in 2023? Deep Dive Into Her Net Worth

How Much is Kourtney Kardashian Worth in 2023? Deep Dive Into Her Net Worth

Kourtney Kardashian an American media personality and reality TV star has an estimated net worth of $65 million. Best known for her role in “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” her wealth also stems from her entrepreneurial ventures including her lifestyle website Poosh and her vitamin and supplement brand Lemme.

Kourtney Kardashian the eldest of the Kardashian siblings has made a significant mark in the entertainment and business world. With her appearances on the hit TV series “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and her various entrepreneurial ventures Kourtney has amassed considerable wealth over the years.

Quick Facts about How Much is Kourtney Kardashian Worth

Net Worth$65 Million
Date of BirthApril 18, 1979
ProfessionMedia Personality, Entrepreneur
Best Known For“Keeping Up With The Kardashians”
Business VenturesPoosh, Lemme, D-A-S-H
CollaborationsKylie Cosmetics
Relationship StatusMarried to Travis Barker in 2022

How Much is Kourtney Kardashian Worth?

As of 2023, Kourtney Kardashian’s net worth stands at an impressive $65 million. This wealth is not just from her TV appearances but also from her various business ventures endorsements and collaborations.

Early Life

Born on April 18, 1979, in Los Angeles Kourtney Mary Kardashian is the eldest child of Kris Jenner and the late Robert Kardashian. With a family deeply rooted in the limelight it was no surprise that Kourtney and her siblings would also find fame.

Rise to Fame

Kourtney’s initial taste of reality TV came with “Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive” in 2005. However, it was the family’s show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” that catapulted her to immense fame.

Business Ventures

Apart from TV Kourtney has been involved in various businesses. She opened a children’s clothing boutique Smooch and later along with her sisters launched the clothing boutique D-A-S-H.

Kourtney’s Role in “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”

As one of the primary members of the show, Kourtney Kardashian’s life relationships and businesses have been a significant focus throughout the series.

Like other celebrities, Kourtney Kardashian has had her share of controversies including a lawsuit related to the promotion of the diet supplement Quick Trim.

Personal Life and Relationships

Kourtney’s relationships especially with Scott Disick have been a major talking point. The couple has three children together.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Over the years Kourtney Kardashian has collaborated with various brands and personalities including a makeup collection with Kylie Cosmetics.

Kourtney’s Lifestyle Brand: Poosh

In 2019 Kourtney Kardashian launched her lifestyle website Poosh which focuses on wellness lifestyle and more.

The Kardashian Family’s Return to Television

In 2022 the family made a comeback with their new reality series “The Kardashians” aired on Hulu.

Kourtney’s New Ventures in 2022

Recently Kourtney Kardashian launched her vitamin and supplement brand “Lemme” which began with three products.

Comparison with Other Kardashian-Jenner Family Members

While Kourtney Kardashian has a net worth of $65 million other family members like Kim and Kylie have also amassed significant wealth with Kim’s net worth being $1 billion and Kylie’s just under $900 million.

Real Estate Investments

Like her siblings, Kourtney Kardashian has invested in real estate adding to her wealth.


Kourtney Kardashian with her business acumen and TV appearances has built a legacy for herself. Her net worth of $65 million is a testament to her hard work and dedication.


How did Kourtney Kardashian earn her wealth?

Through TV appearances, business ventures, endorsements, and collaborations.

What is Kourtney’s latest business venture?

She launched a vitamin and supplement brand called “Lemme” in 2022.

How is Kourtney related to Kim and Khloé Kardashian?

They are siblings, with Kourtney being the eldest.

What is the focus of Kourtney’s lifestyle brand, Poosh?

Poosh focuses on wellness, lifestyle, beauty, and more.

Is Kourtney still part of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”?

The family started a new show on Hulu in 2022 called “The Kardashians.”