Home Athlete How Much is Jorge Masvidal Worth in 2023? A Comprehensive Analysis

How Much is Jorge Masvidal Worth in 2023? A Comprehensive Analysis

How Much is Jorge Masvidal Worth? A Comprehensive Analysis

Jorge Masvidal a prominent figure in MMA since 2003 has accumulated a net worth of approximately $6 million. His earnings stem from his impressive MMA career endorsements and entrepreneurial ventures. His notable achievements include holding the record for the fastest UFC knockout and becoming the BMF Champion.

Jorge Masvidal has been a significant figure in the MMA world since 2003. With a career spanning nearly two decades, he’s not just known for his fighting skills but also for his charisma and business acumen. But how much is this MMA star truly worth?

Quick Facts About How Much is Jorge Masvidal Worth?

Net Worth$6 million
Fastest UFC Knockout5 seconds against Ben Askren
EndorsementsMetro PCS, Reebok
Business VenturesEl Recuerdo de Oaxaca Joven Mezcal, Gamebred Boxing
Social Media2M Facebook followers, 3M on Instagram
CharityFed the homeless, supported AfterSchool Allstars
Major FightsJoe Lauzon, Donald Cerrone, Ben Askren
Upcoming FightAgainst Gilbert Burns at UFC 287

Early Life and Entry into MMA

Born on November 12, 1984, in Miami Florida, Jorge’s journey into MMA wasn’t straightforward. With a Cuban father and a Peruvian mother, he faced challenges early on including street fights and academic struggles. But his passion for martial arts especially karate set him on the path to becoming an MMA legend.

Major Fights and Achievements

Throughout his career, Jorge Masvidal has faced and defeated several notable fighters including Joe Lauzon, Donald Cerrone, and Ben Askren. Each fight added not just to his reputation but also to his net worth.

Record-Breaking Knockout

One of the most iconic moments in Jorge Masvidal’s career was his five-second knockout against Ben Askren setting a record in UFC history. This victory not only skyrocketed his fame but also significantly boosted his earnings.

Endorsements and Business Ventures

Beyond the octagon, Jorge Masvidal has been successful in securing endorsement deals with brands like Metro PCS and Reebok. Additionally, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to launch his brand of Mezcal and establish Gamebred Boxing.

Social Media Influence

Jorge Masvidal’s influence isn’t limited to the fighting world. With millions of followers across various social media platforms, he’s a force to be reckoned with in the digital space as well.

Charity and Philanthropy

Despite his tough exterior Jorge Masvidal has a soft spot for philanthropy. He’s been known to feed the homeless and support charitable causes further adding to his admirable legacy.

Comparing Masvidal’s Net Worth to Other Fighters

When compared to other fighters like Colby Covington and Israel Adesanya Jorge Masvidal’s net worth of $6 million stands out especially considering his diverse income sources.

Career Earnings Over the Years

From earning $18000 in 2007 to making over $500000 in recent fights Jorge Masvidal’s earnings graph has seen a steady rise reflecting his growing stature in the MMA community.

Personal Life and Ventures Outside MMA

Outside the ring, Jorge Masvidal is a dedicated father and a budding entrepreneur. His ventures including a mezcal brand and MMA promotions showcase his versatility.

Masvidal’s Brand Endorsements

Brands recognize Jorge Masvidal’s marketability leading to lucrative endorsement deals that significantly contribute to his net worth.

The Rise of Gamebred Boxing

Jorge Masvidal’s foray into boxing with Gamebred Boxing further cements his position as a multifaceted athlete and businessman.

Masvidal’s Contribution to the MMA Community

Beyond his personal achievements, Jorge Masvidal has significantly impacted the MMA community inspiring upcoming fighters and contributing to the sport’s growth.

Future Prospects and Upcoming Fights

With an upcoming fight against Gilbert Burns, the future looks promising for Jorge Masvidal. A win could further elevate his status and net worth.


Jorge Masvidal’s worth isn’t just about the money. It’s about the legacy he’s building the lives he’s touching and the mark he’s leaving in the MMA world.


How much is Jorge Masvidal’s net worth?

Jorge Masvidal has a net worth of approximately $6 million.

What is Jorge Masvidal’s most iconic fight moment?

His record-setting five-second knockout against Ben Askren in UFC.

Which brands has Masvidal endorsed?

He has endorsement deals with brands like Metro PCS and Reebok.

What business ventures does Masvidal have?

He has launched his brand of Mezcal and established Gamebred Boxing.

Is Jorge Masvidal active on social media?

Yes, he has millions of followers across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.