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How Much is Joel Osteen Worth in 2023?: A Deep Dive into His Wealth

How Much is Joel Osteen Worth in 2023?: A Deep Dive into His Wealth

Joel Osteen the renowned American preacher and author has a net worth of $100 million as of 2023. This wealth primarily stems from his book sales speaking engagements and other merchandise. Notably, he hasn’t drawn a salary from his Lakewood Church since 2005 emphasizing his earnings from other avenues.

Joel Osteen an American preacher televangelist and author has become a household name not just for his spiritual teachings but also for his significant net worth. His journey from being a behind-the-scenes producer of his father’s televised sermons to becoming the face of one of the largest Protestant churches in America is nothing short of remarkable.

Quick Facts about How Much is Joel Osteen Worth

Net Worth$100 million
Primary Source of IncomeBooks, speaking fees, merchandise
ChurchLakewood Church, Houston, Texas
Book Success“Your Best Life Now” on NYT Best Seller list for 200 weeks
Salary from ChurchHasn’t taken since 2005
House Worth$10.5 million
Global ReachSermons viewed in 100 countries
Weekly ViewersAverage of 7 million

How Much is Joel Osteen Worth?

As of 2023, Joel Osteen’s net worth stands at a staggering $100 million. This wealth primarily comes from his books speaking engagements and other merchandise. Interestingly Joel hasn’t taken a salary from his church since 2005.

Early Life and Background

Born Joel Scott Osteen on March 5, 1963, in Houston Texas he was one of six children. His journey into the world of televangelism began with producing his father’s TV sermons for 17 years.

Career Highlights and Achievements

Joel took over the reins of Lakewood Church after his father’s sudden demise. Under his leadership, the church’s attendance skyrocketed from 5000 to 43000. His teachings focusing on the power of love and a positive attitude have resonated with millions globally.

Joel Osteen as an Author

His first book “Your Best Life Now” was a massive success staying on the New York Times Best Seller list for 200 weeks. His subsequent books have also been well-received further cementing his position as a leading Christian author.

Personal Life and Family

Joel and Victoria IIoff Lakewood Church co-pastor tied the knot in 1987. They have two children. Joel’s siblings are also deeply involved in ministry.

Controversies and Criticisms

Despite his success, Joel Osteen has faced criticism, especially concerning the “prosperity gospel.” Some believe his teachings focus too much on individual enrichment.

Joel Osteen’s House and Assets

Joel lives in a lavish $10.5 million home in Houston. This combined with other assets contributes significantly to his net worth.

The Prosperity Gospel and Its Impact

The prosperity gospel which emphasizes the idea that God rewards faith with financial success has been both a boon and a bane for Joel Osteen. While it has attracted many followers it has also brought its fair share of critics.

Joel Osteen’s Influence Globally

His sermons are viewed by an average of 7 million people weekly reaching over 20 million monthly. His influence isn’t just limited to the US but spans across 100 countries.

Comparison with Other Wealthy Pastors

While Joel’s wealth is noteworthy there are other pastors like Kenneth Copeland with a net worth of $760 million who surpass him in this regard.

The Role of Lakewood Church in His Wealth

Lakewood Church plays a pivotal role in Joel’s wealth with its 600000 square-foot area and a seating capacity of 17000.

Public Perception of His Wealth

Public opinion on Joel’s wealth is divided. While some believe he deserves it others feel that a church leader shouldn’t amass such fortune.

Joel Osteen’s Charitable Works

Despite the controversies, Joel Osteen has been involved in various charitable activities furthering the cause of Christianity and helping those in need.


Joel Osteen’s net worth is a testament to his hard work and dedication and the immense following he has garnered over the years. While opinions about his wealth may vary his impact on the Christian community is undeniable.


How did Joel Osteen amass his wealth?

Primarily through his books, speaking engagements, and other merchandise.

Does he take a salary from Lakewood Church?

No, he hasn’t taken a salary since 2005.

What is the seating capacity of Lakewood Church?

The church can accommodate 17,000 people.

How many books has Joel Osteen written?

He has authored more than 20 books throughout his career.

Is Joel Osteen’s teaching focused on the prosperity gospel?

Some of his teachings are characterized as prosperity gospel, emphasizing individual enrichment.