Evan Breen Biography, Age, Net Worth And Facts To Know

Evan Breen Biography, Age, Net Worth And Other Facts You Need To Know
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The Internet is indeed the gold mine of the 21st century. While millions of users around the world depend on it just for fun and entertainment a few of them seem to be able to make a career out of it by offering unlimited entertainment. Evan Breen a popular social media personality is one of the latter categories of individuals who have the necessary tools to live off the Internet.

Evan Breen has a contagious personality coupled with a comic genius that keeps his millions of fans and followers coming back for more. He first turned to fame with comedy videos on the application of short video entertainment now disappeared Vine. Its content consists mainly of comedy videos and sketches.

Evan Breen Biography, Age, Net Worth And Other Facts You Need To Know

Evan Breen is also able to put his “serious cap” in delving into very critical issues that affect humanity. When Vine ceased operations at the end of 2016 Breen was able to maintain its audience even as it switched to the YouTube streaming video website.

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Evan Breen Biography – Age

Evan Breen was born on November 7 1988 in Detroit Michigan. He was raised with a younger brother or sister Kelly. Young Breen attended high school at Grosse Pointe South High School (GPS) in Grosse Pointe Farms a suburban town in Detroit Michigan. He graduated from high school in 2006.

Evan Breen Biography, Age, Net Worth And Other Facts You Need To Know

For his college education Breen enrolled at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo Michigan to obtain a business degree. However, he was not able to complete his degree as he left it before his last semester. After leaving university Evan Breen took several odd jobs to pay his bills.

As a teenager, Breen had always known that he had a talent for comedy. He took a few acting lessons but he was never confident enough to go on stage and perform. When he entered university he started writing comedies and creating comedy sketches. While still a student Breen eventually came across the Vine video-sharing platform and decided to join just for the fun of it. He started sharing content on the platform in 2013 after seeing a video shared by another actor named Chris D’Elia.

During his first months on Vine, Evan Breen was able to gather thousands of fans on his “LAturtle” youtube channel while staying in his hometown of Detroit. However, he was never really able to make money with it. Because of his reputation as a famous Viner, he attracted the attention of a Los Angeles-based media company which marked the beginning of his creative genius career between Los Angeles and Detroit. In addition to creating videos for his own social media accounts, he also creates video content for several other channels and media companies.

Evan Breen Biography, Age, Net Worth And Other Facts You Need To Know

Even when most of the best vine growers started marketing their vines to make money Even Breen remained faithful to his art which made him even more appreciated by fans. He managed to gather about 1.8 million fans on Vine before the platform was closed in 2016.

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So far Breen has been able to make the transition from the late Vine network to other social media sites. His YouTube channel “LAturtle” has more than 350000 subscribers and more than 26 million cumulative views. His statistics on other social media platforms are also impressive. Due to his growing reputation, Evan Breen has also collaborated with other social media heavyweights such as Ethan Klein.

His Net Worth

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Over the years Evan Breen has proven his talent as a brilliant actor. As a result it has attracted millions of fans and followers earning him a place in the top echelons of social media celebrities.

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Vine’s move to YouTube gave her several opportunities to make money with her popular videos. Unlike the Vine platform where it was difficult to market content without sacrificing originality Evan Breen is currently making a lot of money with subscriptions and views coming back to his YouTube channel. However, its net worth remains unknown.

Other Facts You Need To Know

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1. Evan Breen stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches. The social media personality maintains his weight at an average of 72 kg (159 lb).

2. The actor is of European origin partly Irish and partly German with a tiny part of Indian heritage.

3. As he was very close to graduating when he left school Evan Breen hopes to return to university one day and complete his final semester.