Eric Gordon Wife, Girlfriend, Brother, Height, Salary, Bio, Other Facts

Eric Gordon Wife, Girlfriend, Brother, Height, Salary, Bio, Other Facts
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Eric Gordon is a National Basketball Association (NBA) star who plays as a shooting guard for the Houston Rockets. Since making it into the NBA in the 2008 draft, he has had many successes both as an individual player and as a member of the various teams he has played for, including the Los Angeles Clippers and the New Orleans Pelicans. Here you will find everything you need to know about him.

Eric Gordon Biography

The basketball star was born on December 25, 1988, as Eric Ambrose Gordon Jr. in Indianapolis, where he also grew up. As you would guess, he started playing basketball as a child. But even before he decided to play basketball, he played soccer before he was 5 years old and then quickly switched to basketball.

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By the time he was only seven years old, Gordon had already started playing competitive basketball and had already scored 3 points in the JCC leagues. For his education, he went to Fox Hill Elementary School and from there he moved to Northview Middle School and then to North Central High School.

Eric Gordon Wife, Girlfriend, Brother, Height, Salary, Bio, Other Facts
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Gordon was a great basketball player in high school and there were several colleges interested in having him around, including the University of Illinois, Duke, and Notre Dame. Nevertheless, it was Indiana University Bloomington where he decided to go to the greatest disappointment of Illinois fans.

As for his college career, Eric Gordon has achieved significant successes, including the title of “Big Ten Freshman of the Year” and a record of 669 points for both the IU and the Big Ten. Along with many other records, he announced that he was competing for the 2008 NBA Draft, where the Los Angeles Clippers voted him seventh.

Eric remained on the team until the 2011/2012 season when he was traded to the New Orleans Pelicans for Chris Paul alongside Chris Kaman and Al-Farouq Aminu. In the 2016-17 season, he signed for the Houston Rockets.

Since joining the NBA in 2008, he has also achieved a number of successes, including being named Sixth Man of the Year in 2017 and the title of NBA Three-Point Competition Champion that same year. In 2009 he made the leap to the NBA All-Rookie Second Team.

In 2010 Eric Gordon represented the United States at the FIBA World Basketball Championship, which the country subsequently won.

Brother, Girlfriend, and Wife

Eric Gordon has two other brothers, Eron Gordon and Evan Gordon. All brothers are into basketball, with Evan now playing for the Arizona State Sun Devils men’s basketball team, while Eron plays for the Seton Hall Pirates men’s basketball team.

When he was 19 years old, a picture of the NBA star celebrating with friends and some girls was released, causing outrage in some circles against him. Nevertheless, as time would show, he is not the one who has to deal with many women, as his girlfriend is not known. Obviously, he has no wife and has never been married.

Eric Gordon Wife, Girlfriend, Brother, Height, Salary, Bio, Other Facts
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Eric Gordon Salary

The first contract Eric Gordon signed in the NBA was for $2,623,200. His peak salary at the Los Angeles Clippers was $3,016,680 before he moved to the New Orleans Pelicans. At the Pelicans, he received $13,668,750 in 2012/2013 before reaching a peak salary of $15,514,031. His current salary at Houston Rockets is $12,943,020. His net assets have been estimated at $68 million, although this is not confirmed.

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Since he is a basketball player, it is only fair to expect the man from Houston Rockets to have a good height and build. He is 1.93 m (6 feet 4 inches) tall and has a body weight of 98 kg (215 lb).

Other Facts

After he decided to join Indiana University via Illinois, he and his family were targeted by angry fans who booed and even threw things at them because they felt betrayed by the player who first gave his words to play for the university.

The people who influenced Eric and his brothers to play basketball are their parents, Eric Gordon Sr. and Denise Gordon. As the 3 boys grew up and their father was looking for a home, it was his desire to find an ideal place for them to play basketball.

Although playing basketball is his sport and his profession, Gordon is a strong fan of baseball.