Edward Norton Height, Wife (Shauna Robertson) Net Worth, Age, Facts
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Edward Norton is simply not getting the recognition he deserves. The American actor has starred in several iconic films over the years and has been nominated for three Academy Awards. He has acted in Fight Club, American History X, The People vs. Larry Flynt, Primal Fear, 25th Hour, The Illusionist, Birdman (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), The Grand Budapest Hotel, the Moonrise Kingdom, Keeping the Faith, The Score, Kingdom of Heaven, Frida and most notably in The Incredible Hulk.

Although he is known for his work in successful films and his work in the cinema, Edward is also a social and environmental activist. He sits on the board of trustees of Enterprise Community Partners, a non-profit organization founded by his grandfather – James Rouse – to develop affordable housing. He is also president of the American branch of the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust.

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Edward Norton is a shining example of socially conscious actors and actresses who use their platforms to spread awareness of worthy causes. To raise funds for the Maasai Wilderness Conversation Trust, he participated in the 2009 New York City Marathon. Crowdrise” is a micro-donation and fundraising platform as well as a social network and online community for volunteers. He was also elected Chairman of the Signature Theatre’s Board of Trustees. Signature Theatre is best known for being a New York-based non-profit theater group.

Over the years, the actor has proven that it is possible to be socially conscious during a career in the entertainment industry, and Norton was certainly applauded for his efforts.

Edward Norton Bio & Age

Edward Harrison Norton was born on August 18, 1969, in Boston, Massachusetts, the son of Edward Mower Norton and Lydia Robin Norton. Although he was born in Boston, he grew up in Columbia, Maryland. His father separated in Vietnam before becoming an environmental lawyer and talk show advocate. His mother was an English teacher before she died of a brain tumor. His mother’s father was James Rouse, an American urban planner, real estate developer, philanthropist, and civic activist. James Rouse founded “The Rouse Company” and is responsible for the development of Colombia, where Edward grew up. The actor has two younger siblings – Jim and Molly – with whom he occasionally works professionally.

Edward and his brother Jim both attended Camp Pasquaney from 1981 to 1985. He won the Camp Pasquaney Actor’s Cup in 1984 and later returned to the camp, but not as a camper but as a member of the camp’s council, which directed theatre. To this day he maintains a connection to the camp, which is located on the shore of Newfound Lake in Bristol, New Hampshire.

The actor attended Wide Lake High School and was a classmate of Robert Kolker (best-selling author) and Mark Levine (a member of New York City Council). He later attended Yale University, where he worked alongside Paul Giamatti and Ron Livingston in the university’s productions. Norton graduated in 1991 with a Bachelor’s degree in history.

Personal Relationships: Wife (Shauna Robertson)

Edward Norton proposed Shauna Robertson in 2011 after six years together. The two married later in 2012.

Shauna Robertson is a Canadian film producer best known for her repeated work with Judd Apatow. She has produced many films directed by Judd Apatow, including Pineapple Express, Forget Sarah Marshall, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, The 40-year-old Virgin, Superbad and Knocked Up.

The couple has a son together – Atlas, born in March 2013.

Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Edward Norton is known to gain and lose weight depending on what his role requires. His height is currently rated at 6 ft (183 cm) and his weight is rated at 174 pounds (79 kg). His other body like chest – 40 in (102 cm) arms/biceps – 14.5 in (37 cm) and waist – 35 in (89 cm).

To stay in shape, the actor prefers a high protein diet and circuit training.

Net Worth

The actor currently has total net assets of 80 million dollars. An impressive, but certainly expected sum, considering that the actor has been active since 1993. During this time he has appeared in several commercially successful and critically acclaimed films, making him one of the greatest actors of his generation.

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Interesting Facts About Edward Norton

1. 2010 Edward was appointed Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations for Biodiversity by Ban Ki-moon – the UN Secretary-General.

2 The women he has dated in the past include Salma Hayek and Courtney Love. He is also rumored to have dated Drew Barrymore, Evan Rachel Wood, and Cameron Diaz.

3 After graduating, he worked as a consultant for his grandfather’s company, Enterprise Community Partners, in Japan and is, therefore, able to speak a little Japanese.

4. He saw his first performance as a child with his parents at CCTA – Columbia Center for Theatrical Arts Later Edward grew up to perform at the CCTA himself.

5. Edward Norton also has a private pilot license.