Ed Henry Wife, Affair, Divorce, Children, Family, FOX News Career
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When it comes to broadcasting, Ed Henry and others as good as they deserve an honorable mention as masters of their craft. He was a senior White House correspondent and later chief correspondent of Fox News Channel and before that chief White House correspondent of CNN, a position he lost after a case of an extramarital affair that arose against him at the time.

Here you can read more about this and what became of Ed Henry afterward, as well as about his family.

Ed Henry Background And Career Begining

The American radio journalist Edward “Ed” Henry was born on 20 July 1971 in Queens, New York City, New York, United States of America. He received a Bachelor’s degree in English from Siena College in Loudonville, New York.

Ed Henry Wife, Affair, Divorce, Children, Family, FOX News Career

After graduating from college, Ed began his career as a political analyst at WMAL Morning News and The Chris Core Show. He also worked as a Senate correspondent on Roll Call for journalist Jack Anderson, with whom he rose to senior editor. Ed also worked in the same capacity for WMAL-AM, C-SPAN, and WUSA-TV (CBS 9).

Ed Henry joined the Cable News Network (CNN) in 2004 and began working as a host on their Inside Politics show in 2005. In 2008, he became CNN’s White House correspondent, along with people like Dan Lothian and Brianna Keilar, and after a while, he was promoted to White House senior correspondent for CNN.

FOX News Career

Ed Henry left CNN on June 20, 2011, to become White House chief correspondent for the Fox News Channel. Following the announcement of his resignation, it became known that the reason he left CNN was that the management of CNN informed him that his contract would not be renewed. However, in response to the discussions that went on about his leaving the channel, Ed did not mention this in an interview he had with Don Imus, but he created an analogy with CNN and FOX News where he said we wanted to be on FOX.

At FOX News, he did not fail to express how pleased he was to be working with the news channel, explaining that he felt freer there and indeed felt that FOX News had been severely criticized by other news channels, including CNN.

Ed Henry’s Family: Wife, Children, Affair, Divorce 

Ed Henry is happily married to Shirley Henry, a senior producer at CNN. The two had already been in a relationship for a few years before they entered into a marriage in Las Vegas in 2010 at a wedding ceremony. Their marriage has resulted in the birth of two children, a son named Patrick Henry and a daughter named Mila Henry.

In 2016, however, a marriage crisis erupted after revelations by Las Vegas stripper Natalia Lima, with whom he had an affair in 2015. Natalia also provided texts [sixths] and a picture of his manhood, which he sent her to prove her claim that the veteran broadcaster was in cahoots with her. She revealed that they spent time together and slept together as often as he was in Las Vegas.

In the heat of all these accusations, with many media houses picking up the story and fuelling public interest in it, Ed Henry took time out from FOX News to sort things out for himself. He stayed away from the media for up to four months and did not deny the allegations. Maybe he felt that the facts were too stark to challenge. What is not known, however, is why the stripper decided to make public a ten-month-old secret between the two adults.

As might be expected, Ed Henry lost his position as White House correspondent and was appointed chief national affairs correspondent, a lower position when he returned to FOX News in late August 2016. He was also thrown out of the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016.

Despite the sordid nature of the accusation and the facts supporting it, Ed Henry’s wife Shirley Henry did not divorce him as other women would have done. She has not said a word about the whole mess, at least not one that has been reported in the media. They still live together as a family with their children.