Drake Biography, Career, Net Worth, And Other Interesting Facts

Drake, whose real name is Aubrey Drake Graham is a famous Canadian singer, rapper, and actor born on October 24, 1986. He’s a big deal in today’s music industry, especially known for mixing R&B style into hip-hop, making it popular.

He started his career acting on the TV show Degrassi from 2001 to 2008, but then he jumped into making music in 2006 with his first mixtape, Room for Improvement. He kept putting out more mixtapes like Comeback Season and So Far Gone before getting signed by Young Money Entertainment.

Drake’s first three albums, Thank Me Later, Take Care, and Nothing Was the Same all did well, topping the charts and giving us hits like Find Your Love, Take Care with Rihanna, Started from the Bottom, and Hold On, We’re Going Home with Majid Jordan.

His album Views in 2016 was a massive hit, with songs like Hotline Bling and One Dance, which made dancehall and Afrobeats super popular. His next album, Scorpion, in 2018 had three number-one hits in the US: God’s Plan, Nice for What, and In My Feelings.

In 2021, Certified Lover Boy broke records with nine top-ten hits, including Way 2 Sexy with Future and Young Thug. He’s released more albums since then, like Honestly, Nevermind, and For All the Dogs which also topped the charts.

Aside from music, Drake is an entrepreneur. He started the OVO Sound record label, worked with the Toronto Raptors, got into whiskey with Virginia Black, and launched fashion lines with Nike and OVO. He’s even been credited with boosting Toronto’s tourism income by a significant amount.

Drake’s a big star in the music industry, selling millions of records and winning tons of awards, including Grammys and Billboard Music Awards. He’s broken lots of records on the charts, showing just how influential he is in the world of R&B, hip-hop, and pop music.

Full NameAubrey Drake Graham
Date of BirthOctober 24, 1986
Place of BirthToronto, Canada
OccupationRapper, Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer, Actor
Height6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)
ChildrenAdonis Graham
Net Worth$250 Million

Inside Drake’s Early Life: From Toronto Roots to Bar Mitzvah and Beyond

Drake Biography, Career, Net Worth, And Other Interesting Facts

Aubrey Drake Graham was born in Toronto, Canada, on October 24, 1986. His dad, Dennis Graham is a Black drummer from Memphis who played with Jerry Lee Lewis. His mom Sandra “Sandi” Graham is a Canadian Jew who taught English and arranged flowers. Drake is both Canadian and American because of his dad.

Drake went to a Jewish school as a kid and had his bar mitzvah. His parents split when he was five and he stayed with his mom in Toronto while his dad dealt with legal problems in the U.S. Drake would visit his dad in Memphis every summer.

He lived in different parts of Toronto, starting in a working-class area until sixth grade, where he also played hockey. After a bad injury during a game, his mom moved him to a wealthier neighborhood called Forest Hill. Drake joked that they had half a house there; his mom lived upstairs, and he lived in the basement. It wasn’t fancy, but it was what they could afford.

He went to Forest Hill Collegiate Institute and later Vaughan Road Academy, which he said was tough. He also worked at his grandpa’s furniture factory. He faced bullying at school because of his race and religion, and eventually, he dropped out to focus on acting. However, he later got his high school diploma in 2012.

Drake’s Rise: From Degrassi Star to Hip-Hop Sensation

When Drake was 15, he got a role on a Canadian TV show called Degrassi: The Next Generation through a friend’s dad who was an acting agent. He played a character named Jimmy Brooks who was a basketball star and got injured in the show. Drake said he started acting because his family was struggling financially and he needed money. He would sometimes come late to the set because he was busy recording music at night. To solve this, he made a deal with the security guards to let him in after recording so he could sleep in the dressing room.

Drake released his first mixtape called Room for Improvement in 2006, which had songs featuring Trey Songz and Lupe Fiasco. It wasn’t very deep but had some catchy tunes. He only sold about 6,000 copies and made around $304 from it. His first concert was as an opening act for Ice Cube, where he earned $100 for performing for 30 minutes.

In 2007, He released another mixtape called Comeback Season, which included the song Replacement Girl featuring Trey Songz. He got a chance to tour with Lil Wayne and they recorded several songs together during that time.

In 2009, Drake released his third mixtape So Far Gone for free on his website. It became popular with songs like Best I Ever Had and Successful, earning Platinum certifications. This led to a record deal with Young Money Entertainment. During a performance in 2009, Drake injured his knee on stage.

Drake’s Journey: From ‘Thank Me Later’ to ‘Take Care’ and Beyond!

Drakes Journey

Drake had plans to release his first album, Thank Me Later in late 2008, but it got delayed three times until June 15, 2010. On March 9, 2010, he released his first single “Over,” which did well on the charts and got nominated for a Grammy. His second single, Find Your Love, did even better, reaching number five on the charts and getting a triple-platinum certification.

The album Thank Me Later finally came out on June 15, 2010, and it debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart, selling over 447,000 copies in the first week. Drake also started his Away from Home Tour in September 2010, performing in many cities.

After the success of his first album, He announced he was working on a new album called Take Care, which came out on November 15, 2011. This album also did well winning a Grammy and going six times platinum by 2019. Some of the popular singles from this album include “Headlines,” “The Motto,” and “Take Care.”

Drake also worked on a song called “Enough Said” with Aaliyah, which was released in 2012. He then went on the Club Paradise Tour which was a big success in the hip-hop world. After that, he took a break from music to act in the movie Ice Age: Continental Drift.

Drake’s Chart-Topping Journey: From Club Paradise Tour to Multi-Platinum Success

Drake got busy during his Club Paradise Tour in Europe, starting work on his third album with 40 as the main producer. He wanted a different vibe from his last album, moving away from sad songs and mellow music. After winning a Grammy he announced his new album Nothing Was the Same and dropped its first single. The album’s second single, “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” hit number one on the charts. Nothing Was the Same came out in September 2013, selling a whopping 658,000 copies in its first week and topping charts worldwide. Critics liked its new sound comparing it to Kanye West’s music.

The album’s success led to a big tour called “Would You Like a Tour?” in 2013-2014, earning around $46 million. Drake also showed off his acting skills on Saturday Night Live, impressing critics with his funny and versatile performance.

In late 2014, Drake started working on his fourth album. He surprised everyone by dropping If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late on iTunes without warning in February 2015. People argued whether it was an album or a mixtape, but it sold over 1 million copies that year, solidifying Drake’s place in the music scene.

Drake’s Rise to Chart-Topping Dominance: A Look Back at His Meteoric Music Career

Drakes Rise to Chart Topping Dominance A Look Back at His Meteoric Music Career

In 2015, Drake released four new songs in July, then teamed up with Future in September for a mixtape called What a Time to Be Alive. This mixtape hit number one on the Billboard 200 chart, a big deal since it made Drake the first hip-hop artist since 2004 to have two projects reach number one in the same year.

In January 2016, Drake said he’d be launching his fourth studio album in the spring and released a single called Summer Sixteen to get fans excited. This album was originally called Views from the 6 but got shortened to just “Views.”

Summer Sixteen” did well on the charts, but it also got some mixed reviews because Drake compared himself to other artists in a way that some critics found a bit bold or disrespectful. After that, he released two more singles, “Pop Style” and “One Dance,” with the latter becoming a huge hit and his first number-one single in several countries.

Views” came out later that April and was a major success staying at the top of the Billboard 200 for thirteen weeks and earning Drake several platinum certifications. Despite its commercial success, some critics didn’t love it as much pointing out its long length and lack of a clear theme.

Drake didn’t slow down, hosting Saturday Night Live, going on tour with Future, and teasing new projects. He also worked on collaborations with Kanye West and released another album titled More Life in 2017, which also did very well on the charts and set streaming records.

Throughout these years, He kept winning awards, breaking records, and staying a dominant force in the music industry. He even got involved in hosting events like the NBA Awards and appearing in documentaries.

Drake’s Musical Journey: From ‘Scary Hours’ to ‘Scorpion’ and Beyond!

Drake dropped a new mini album called Scary Hours on January 20, 2018, which was his first solo project since More Life. This mini album had two popular songs, “Diplomatic Immunity” and “God’s Plan.” “God’s Plan” hit number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, making it Drake’s first solo song to reach the top spot. It also got certified Diamond by the RIAA which is a big deal and it’s one of the most certified digital singles in the US.

After that, he featured on BlocBoy JB’s song “Look Alive,” which also did well on the charts. Drake then released another single, “Nice for What,” from his upcoming fifth album. This song replaced “God’s Plan” at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. He announced that his fifth album would be called Scorpion and set a release date for June 29, 2018. Before the album dropped, he released “I’m Upset” as another single.

Scorpion ended up being Drake’s longest album yet, almost 90 minutes long. It broke streaming records on Spotify and Apple Music on its first day. It sold a lot of copies in its first week and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart.

He scored his sixth number-one hit with “In My Feelings” later on. This success made him the rapper with the most number-one hits. He also featured on Travis Scott’s song “Sicko Mode,” which also reached number one.

In July 2018, Drake said he’d take some time off to work on TV and film projects. He then went on tour with Migos and released a Spanish song with Bad Bunny called “Mia.”

He won another Grammy in 2019 for “God’s Plan” but caused a stir when he got cut off during his speech. Despite that, he continued to drop music, re-releasing his mixtape So Far Gone and putting out new songs like “Omertà” and “Money in the Grave.” He also released a compilation album called Care Package, which included older songs that weren’t available for purchase before.

Drake’s Billboard Domination: A Year of Hits, Controversies, and Record-Breaking Success

Drake Biography, Career, Net Worth, And Other Interesting Facts

Drake put out a new song called “War” on Christmas Eve 2019, and it got attention because it had a sound inspired by UK drill music. The next day, he said he was working on his sixth album. In April 2020, he released “Toosie Slide” with a dance that he made with a social media star. It went straight to number one on the Billboard Hot 100, making Drake the first guy to debut three songs at the top.

He also dropped a mixtape called Dark Lane Demo Tapes in May 2020. It had songs with other artists like Chris Brown and Future. Some of the tracks were new, and some were leaked before. People had mixed feelings about it, but it did well on the charts.

Drake said his new album would come out in the summer of 2020. In August, he released “Laugh Now Cry Later” with Lil Durk. It was supposed to be the main song from his upcoming album, but it ended up not being on there. Still, it did really well, getting to number two on the Hot 100 and getting nominated for a Grammy. He then announced that Certified Lover Boy would come out in January 2021, but it got delayed because he got hurt.

By January 2021, He had over 50 billion streams on Spotify, a first for any artist. He then released an EP called Scary Hours 2 in March, with three songs that all did great on the charts.

Certified Lover Boy finally came out in September 2021 and was a huge success. Every song made it onto the Billboard Hot 100, and nine of them were in the top 10 at the same time, with “Way 2 Sexy” hitting number one. The album and the song got Grammy nominations. Drake was named Billboard’s Top Artist of 2021 and was one of the most-streamed artists on Spotify.

In December 2021, Drake decided to pull his music from Grammy consideration, possibly because of issues with the Recording Academy. Overall, he had a massive 2021 with billions of streams and big chart successes.

Drake’s Record-breaking Career: From Forbes Rankings to Grammy Nominations and Feuds with Kendrick Lamar

In March 2022, Drake was ranked fourth among the highest-paid rappers of 2021 by Forbes, earning about $50 million before taxes. Later in April, it was figured out that Drake’s music from 2021 had more streams than all songs released before 1980 combined. He had 7.91 billion streams compared to the pre-1980 songs’ 6.32 billion. Also, Drake appeared as a guest artist on Future’s “I Never Liked You” album, and their song “Wait for U” topped the Billboard Hot 100, marking Drake’s tenth number-one song.

In early May, Drake renewed his contract with Universal Music Group for a reported $400 million, one of the biggest deals in music history. He then announced his seventh album, “Honestly, Nevermind,” and it debuted at number one in the US, selling 204,000 units in the first week. This made Drake the fifth artist with over 10 number-one albums in the US. He also had another number-one song with “Jimmy Cooks.”

In July, Drake announced a concert series with Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj in Toronto. His song “Staying Alive” became his 30th top-five hit on the Billboard Hot 100, breaking a record held by the Beatles for the most top-five hits. Drake also chose not to submit his music for Grammy consideration for the second year in a row.

In October, Drake revealed a collaborative album with 21 Savage called “Her Loss,” which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart. The album had eight songs in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100, extending Drake’s record for the most top ten entries.

Moving into 2023, Drake was nominated for four Grammy Awards and named the most streamed artist on Spotify. He announced his eighth studio album, “For All the Dogs,” and released singles like “Slime You Out” and “8 AM in Charlotte,” both of which hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

Then, in March 2024, Kendrick Lamar dissed Drake and others in a song, starting a feud. Drake responded with tracks like “Push Ups” and “Taylor Made Freestyle,” while Lamar released his diss tracks. The back-and-forth continued with Drake’s “The Heart Part 6,” referencing Lamar’s earlier work.

Drake’s Eclectic Influences: From Rap Icons to R&B Legends and Dancehall Maestros

Drake says his rap style is influenced by Kanye West, Jay-Z, MF Doom, and Lil Wayne. He’s also inspired by R&B singers like Aaliyah and Usher, and dancehall artists like Vybz Kartel.

Inside Drake’s Trailblazing Journey: From Hip-Hop Roots to Hyper-Reality Rap

Drake Biography, Career, Net Worth, And Other Interesting Facts

Drake is a famous artist known for blending pop and rap music styles. He started with hip-hop and R&B but later added pop and trap elements to his music. He also draws inspiration from different music scenes like Jamaican dancehall and UK drill.

His songs often talk about himself, his skills, and his personal life, especially in relationships with women. He mixes tough rapping with smooth singing, creating a unique sound. Drake’s music reflects his Toronto upbringing and his connections with Caribbean and Middle Eastern cultures.

He learned to sing from his father and made it a key part of his music. His style, which combines complex lyrics with catchy melodies, has earned him praise from critics and influenced many other artists.

Drake’s lyrics are often emotional or confident, talking about money, drugs, and relationships. He twists the meaning of phrases to create new perspectives in his songs. His music is known for its blend of rap and singing, creating a balance that attracts a wide audience.

Overall, Drake’s innovative style has led to him being seen as a pioneer of “hyper-reality rap,” focusing on celebrity life in a way that sets it apart from everyday reality.

Inside Drake’s Multifaceted World: From Sensitivity in Lyrics to Stylish Icon and Social Advocate

Drake’s music often talks about relationships, and people love using his lyrics for their social media posts. Some fans and critics feel conflicted about this, as they see him as too sensitive for traditional hip-hop.

He’s known for his lavish lifestyle and throwing fancy parties. In the past, he even rented a Rolls-Royce, but he got one as a gift in 2021. He’s also into gambling, reportedly making huge bets and winning a lot of money, although some of the games he plays aren’t great for winning.

Drake made “YOLO” and “The Six” popular, and he has special days dedicated to him in some cities. He’s also famous for his house in Toronto, which many people Google because of its cool features like a huge basketball court and a fancy toilet.

One of his music videos, “Hotline Bling,” became a big hit because of his funny dance moves. People made memes and parodies of it, and it boosted his popularity even more.

Drake is also known for his fashion sense and has been praised as one of the most stylish men. He’s been involved in social issues too, like speaking out against police violence and supporting causes like copyright laws for artists and women’s sports.

Recently, he signed a letter asking for peace during a conflict and has been generous, giving money to people in need.

The Ultimate Pop Star Dominating Music and Culture

Drake Biography, Career, Net Worth, And Other Interesting Facts

In the world of pop culture, Drake stands out as a major influencer in hip-hop. He’s known for blending singing with hip-hop beats, which has inspired many modern rappers. He’s also credited with making the Toronto music scene popular globally, alongside artists like Justin Bieber and the Weeknd.

In 2022, Drake became the most searched artist on the music app Shazam, with millions of recognitions for his songs. His track “One Dance” alone got millions of hits. Critics have praised him as the ultimate pop star of his generation and one of the biggest male pop stars since Justin Timberlake.

Drake’s impact goes beyond just music. He’s been called the artist of the decade by The Insider for the 2010s. He’s also credited with introducing singing into mainstream hip hop, which wasn’t common before him. Many artists today combine rapping and singing, following his example.

Drake’s influence extends to trends in music, like the rise of “sad boy” rappers and renewed interest in UK grime and Caribbean dancehall. He’s also helped push the British and Toronto hip-hop scenes onto the global stage.

His album Certified Lover Boy broke records for streaming, showing how fans consume music differently because of him. Drake’s style of mixing raw emotion with laid-back performances has become a standard in R&B music.

Even academically, Drake’s impact is recognized. Toronto Metropolitan University now offers courses on him and The Weeknd, exploring themes like race, class, and globalization through their music.

With his latest album Honestly, Nevermind, Drake continues to push boundaries, exploring genres like house music and connecting with younger listeners through diverse sounds.

Drake Shatters Records: Top Digital Singles Artist in the U.S. with 142 Million Units Sold

Drake Biography, Career, Net Worth, And Other Interesting Facts

Drake has broken records in the music industry, becoming the top-certified digital singles artist in the U.S. with 142 million units sold from both sales and streams. His biggest hit, “God’s Plan,” has gone 15× Platinum, while “Hotline Bling” and “One Dance” are certified Diamond.

On Spotify, Drake was the most streamed artist of the 2010s. He holds numerous Billboard Hot 100 records, including the most charted songs by any artist (331), the most top 10 singles (78), the most top 10 debuts (62), and the most top 10 singles in a year (13). He also has the most cumulative weeks in the top 10 (387), the most songs peaking at number two (10, or 11 with Young Money’s “BedRock”), and the longest consecutive weeks on the chart (431 weeks). With 13 number-one songs (14 including his uncredited feature on “Sicko Mode”), he has set a record among rappers.

In 2021, Drake became the second act to claim the entire top five of the Hot 100 in one week, a feat previously achieved only by The Beatles in 1964. He also has the most number-one singles on the Hot Rap Songs (23), Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs (23), and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay charts. Notably, he’s the only artist with two albums that have spent 400 weeks each on the Billboard 200.

Drake has won four Grammy Awards from 47 nominations and holds a record of 29 Billboard Music Awards. In 2017, he set a record by winning 13 Billboard Music Awards in one night, surpassing Adele’s previous record. He was named Artist of the Decade at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards. Billboard editor Ernest Baker highlighted Drake’s dominance in 2014, noting that he ruled hip-hop without needing a new album or hit single. From 2015 to 2017, Drake consistently ranked in the top five on Billboard’s Year-End chart for Top Artists, and he topped the chart in 2018. He was also named the IFPI Global Recording Artist of the Year in 2016 and 2018.

Pitchfork ranked his album “Nothing Was the Same” as the 41st best album of the decade (2010-2014) and placed him fifth on their list of the top 10 music artists since 2010. Rolling Stone ranked “Take Care” at number 95 on their 2020 list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. Complex named Drake the Best Rapper Alive in 2011, 2012, and 2015.

What Is Drake’s Net Worth?

Drake’s Net Worth is estimated to be $250 Million as of 2024, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Drake’s Legal Battles: From Copyright Disputes to Courtroom Drama

In 2012, singer Ericka Lee took legal action against Drake for using her voice in “Marvin’s Room.” She said she wasn’t given credit or royalties. Drake’s team said she only asked for a credit in the album notes. They settled out of court in 2013.

In 2014, Drake was sued for $300,000 for using a sample without permission in “Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2.” He won in 2017, with the judge saying it transformed the original content enough not to be a copyright issue.

Drake was also sued for $100,000 in 2014 for using someone else’s lyrics without permission. He settled the case later that year.

In 2016, a club closed down because Drake used drugs there. In December 2021, he sued a jeweler for using his image wrongly. In 2022, a rapper accused Drake of stealing a song, but the case was dropped due to the rapper’s misconduct.

In 2017, Drake faced a lawsuit for allegedly assaulting a producer in 2014. The case was dismissed after the producer didn’t show up for a court meeting.

In 2019, Drake settled a sexual assault lawsuit for $350,000 but denied the allegations. He was also sued for copyright infringement that year but was later dropped from the case.

In 2021, Drake and Chris Brown were sued for copyright issues again. Drake faced more lawsuits in 2022, including one for using a magazine’s name without permission. He settled that one too.

In 2023, Drake was asked to testify in a murder trial but didn’t show up, citing legal issues with how he was served the notice.

Drake’s Dramatic Music Feuds: From Club Brawls to Public Diss Tracks and Unexpected Reconciliations!

Drake Biography, Career, Net Worth, And Other Interesting Facts

Drake and Chris Brown fought in a New York City nightclub in 2012. Drake’s crew threw bottles at Brown. Brown criticized Drake in his music until 2013, but they made up and even did a skit together in 2014. Later, they collaborated on a song in 2019.

In 2014, Drake got into another fight, this time with Puff Daddy in Miami. It was about a song Drake used that Puff Daddy thought belonged to him. Drake got hurt during the fight.

Drake also had issues with Tyga, Meek Mill, and Pusha T. Meek Mill accused Drake of using other people to write his songs, which caused a big argument. Pusha T dissed Drake in 2018, and they exchanged diss tracks.

In 2016, Drake and Joe Budden had problems after Budden said negative things about Drake’s music. Drake responded with a song, and Budden replied with his songs. Drake also had a brief feud with Kid Cudi that later got resolved.

In 2018, Drake and Kanye West had a falling out over music and personal issues. They argued publicly and in their music.

Drake has had feuds with other artists like DMX, Kendrick Lamar, Common, the Weeknd, XXXTentacion, Jay-Z, Tory Lanez, and Ludacris, but some of these feuds have ended.

Drake’s Lucrative Journey: From Sprite Mixes to Formula 1 Sponsorship with Stake.com

Drake made a lot of money before starting his own business. He got paid by companies to promote their products. One of his first deals was with Sprite because he talked about drinking a mix with Sprite in it. After a big fight with another rapper named Meek Mill, Drake got deals with fast food places like Burger King, White Castle, and Whataburger.

According to Forbes, all of Drake’s deals and partnerships made him $94 million from June 2016 to June 2017, making him one of the highest-paid celebrities. Now, Drake gets $100 million every year from Stake.com, a gambling website, for promoting them. This partnership, called “The Drake Effect,” has made more people know about Stake.com. Drake often talks about betting on Stake and makes videos about playing games on the site.

In January 2022, Drake said on Instagram that Stake.com will sponsor the Sauber Formula 1 racing team for two years starting in 2024.

Inside OVO Sound: Drake’s Visionary Record Label Journey

Drake Biography, Career, Net Worth, And Other Interesting Facts

When Drake was making his album Nothing Was the Same, he decided to create his record label in late 2012 with his producer friend Noah “40” Shebib and business partner Oliver El-Khatib. Drake wanted a way to release his music and help other artists grow. Shebib and El-Khatib also wanted to start a label with a unique sound. So, they joined forces and formed OVO Sound. The name comes from Drake’s earlier projects under the name October’s Very Own. OVO Sound is now part of Warner Bros. Records.

Drake, 40, and PartyNextDoor were the first artists signed to the label. They have since added more artists like Majid Jordan, Roy Woods, and DVSN, as well as producers like 40, Boi-1da, Nineteen85, and Future the Prince.

Drake Named Toronto Raptors’ Global Ambassador and Receives Key to the City

On September 30, 2013, Drake was introduced as the new “global ambassador” for the Toronto Raptors during a press conference with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment CEO Tim Leiweke. This big announcement came alongside the news that Toronto would host the 2016 NBA All-Star Game at the Air Canada Centre. At the same event, Drake was given The Key to the City.

As the global ambassador, Drake’s role involved promoting the Raptors and hosting various events, starting with the All-Star Game. He also provided advice on rebranding the team, helping to create a new image and clothing line to celebrate the Raptors’ 20th anniversary. Additionally, Drake worked with the Raptors on designing pre-game practice jerseys, t-shirts, and sweatsuits. He also started an annual “Drake Night” event with the team, beginning in 2013.

Drake’s $19 Million Apple Music Deal and Exclusive Beats 1 Radio Show Skyrocket Platform’s Growth

When Apple launched Apple Music, their new music and video streaming service, they brought Drake on board as the face of the platform. This announcement happened at their Worldwide Developers Conference in 2015. Drake also signed an exclusivity deal with Apple Music worth around $19 million, meaning his new solo releases would appear on Apple Music first before going to other streaming services and stores.

Drake also created OVO Sound Radio on Beats 1, which became the main place to debut new singles and projects. When Drake released “More Life,” the station had over 300 million unique users tuning in. His partnership with Apple Music played a big role in the platform’s rapid growth, helping it reach 10 million subscribers in just six months. This move also started a trend where many artists, like Frank Ocean and The Weeknd, made exclusive deals with streaming services.

By signing with Apple, Drake was one of the few artists, along with Pharrell and Katy Perry, to get an Apple Watch before it was available to the public.

Dive into Drake’s Diverse Ventures: Entertainment, Investments, and Beyond!

Drake Biography, Career, Net Worth, And Other Interesting Facts

Drake, along with his buddy Adel “Future” Nur, started DreamCrew back in 2017. They do a bunch of stuff, like managing talent and making entertainment. You might have seen some of their work like the TV shows Euphoria and Top Boy. They also made a documentary called The Carter Effect, all about how Vince Carter made a big impact on basketball in Canada.

Drake got a nod for a big award in 2022 for his work on Euphoria. He’s also into producing documentaries, like Black Ice, which is about black and ethnic minority hockey players. And there’s a survival show called Chillin’ Island that he’s involved in too.

He’s not just about entertainment though. Drake teamed up with Live Nation to create a cool venue called History in Toronto. It’s got all sorts of cool features and took a while to make. And he’s big on investments too. He put money into companies like Aspiration and Wealthsimple, as well as some sports-related stuff.

Recently, he joined forces with LeBron James to buy a soccer club in Italy. They’re not the main owners, just minority shareholders, but still, it’s a pretty big deal. Oh, and he’s also dabbling in cryptocurrency and NFTs. So yeah, Drake’s not just about music, he’s got his hands in a lot of different pots.

Drake’s Ventures: From Whiskey to Vegan Meat – A Look at His Culinary Empire

Drake started selling Virginia Black whiskey about two months before dropping his album Views. It wasn’t his first time dabbling in the food business. Before this, he teamed up with famous chef Susur Lee to open Fring’s Restaurant and with Antonio Park to start to Pick 6ix, a sports bar, both in Toronto. Those ventures eventually closed down. Virginia Black whiskey was made and sold by Proximo Spirits and Brent Hocking, who also founded DeLeón Tequila in 2008. The company said they were excited about the partnership because they both love style, music, and good taste, and they wanted to change how people see whiskey.

In 2021, Virginia Black was rated as the worst celebrity liquor for its quality and price. Despite that, it launched in June 2016 and sold over 4,000 bottles in the first week just in the US. Drake also used his music and tours to promote the brand. For example, during the Summer Sixteen Tour, fans could buy a special package called the “Virginia Black VIP Lounge.” Later that year, they shipped out another 30,000 units to some international markets.

Then they started running commercials with Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham, jokingly calling him “The Realest Dude Ever.” This move was a nod to the famous Dos Equis commercials. In 2019, Drake and Hocking worked on Mod Sélection, a fancy champagne line. And in 2021, Drake invested in Daring Foods Inc., a company that makes vegan meat substitutes. He also bought a piece of Dave’s Hot Chicken, a restaurant chain in California. To celebrate his 36th birthday in 2022, he even gave away free chicken to people in Toronto.

Drake’s Fashion Journey: From Air Jordans to Nocta and Beyond!

Drake Biography, Career, Net Worth, And Other Interesting Facts

In December 2013, Drake said he was teaming up with Nike and Air Jordan because he’s always admired Michael Jordan. He even made his own Air Jordans called “Air Jordan OVOs.” Later on, he worked with Canada Goose to make some clothes too. Then in 2020, he collaborated with A Bathing Ape (BAPE) and also made scented candles with Revolve.

In December 2020, Drake announced he was making a new line of clothes with Nike called Nocta. He said he wanted Nike to work with entertainers like they do with athletes. The clothes are called Nocta because Drake does a lot of his creative work at night. They’re described as fashionable sportswear. Some clothes even have pictures of Drake’s inspirations with a poem on them. They sold out fast, so they made more, including t-shirts, hats, vests, and jackets.

In July 2021, Drake’s brand, OVO, released a collection for weekend wear, and later that year, they made a collection for staying warm in the winter. They even did special collections inspired by Jurassic Park and made indoor shoes with Suicoke. They also worked with Playboy on some clothes.

In July 2022, OVO made a collection with Mike Tyson, including jackets and hats. Also, during a big soccer match, FC Barcelona wore jerseys with the OVO owl logo. They also made a collection with Tie Domi, a former hockey player, and Roots Canada. And then they made more clothes with the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team.

Inside Drake’s Lavish Toronto Mansion: The Embassy and His Inked Stories

Drake lives in a really big house in Toronto, Canada. It’s super fancy and cost a ton of money to build. He calls it “The Embassy” and it’s huge, like 35,000 square feet! You can even see it in his music video for the song “Toosie Slide.”

Before living there, he had another cool house in California called the “YOLO Estate” from 2012 to 2022. Then, in 2022, he bought another house in Beverly Crest for $70 million from a guy named Robbie Williams. He also has a fancy apartment next to the CN Tower.

Drake is really into tattoos. He has a bunch of them, including some that represent important stuff to him, like a jack-o-lantern, owls, and even one that’s kind of like the famous Abbey Road album cover with him and the Beatles. He also has portraits of people he admires, like Lil Wayne and Denzel Washington, as well as his family members and even his son.

Drake got COVID-19 during the pandemic, which made him lose some hair temporarily. He was one of the first famous people to say they had COVID-19 back in March 2020. Then, he got it again in 2022, which made him have to delay some concerts with his friends Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj.

Drake’s Famous Family, High-Profile Romances, and Fatherhood Revelations

Drake Biography, Career, Net Worth, And Other Interesting Facts

Drake has some pretty famous family members—his uncles Larry Graham and Teenie Hodges are both musicians. Larry played in a band called Sly and the Family Stone, while Teenie helped out with songs for Al Green, like “Love and Happiness” and “Take Me to the River.”

In the relationship department, Drake has had some high-profile romances. He dated SZA for a bit back in 2008-2009 and then had an on-off thing with Rihanna from 2009 to 2016. He’s talked about his relationship with Rihanna in all of his studio albums. At the 2016 Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award show, he even said Rihanna’s been the love of his life since he was 22.

Drake also has a son named Adonis, born on October 11, 2017, to Sophie Brussaux, who used to be a model. There were rumors about Sophie’s pregnancy before Adonis was born, especially after TMZ wrote about it in early 2017. Drake didn’t confirm he was a dad until his album Scorpion came out in 2018. He wanted to keep Adonis’s life private.

There was a bit of drama when rapper Pusha T hinted at Drake being a dad in his song “The Story of Adidon.” But Drake confirmed it later, though there were still rumors about him having another daughter, which he denied right away.