Home Media personality Dolan Twins Bio, Height, Net Worth And Family, How Old Are They

Dolan Twins Bio, Height, Net Worth And Family, How Old Are They

Dolan Twins – Bio, Height, Net Worth And Family, How Old Are They
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YouTube has many meanings for different people that range from a movie viewing site a music site and a search engine for various topics to a profitable avenue for others like YouTube sensation the Dolan Twins known for the humorous videos they started uploading that turned them into celebrities overnight.

Dolan Twins Bio

Twins Ethan and Grayson Dolan Jersey are from New Jersey USA and are known to be actors whose rise to fame is attributed to the videos they began sharing on the demand for video sharing application – Vine in May 2013. In fact, it was Ethan who posted his first video just for fun in which he was in a black garbage bag and the air in the bag was then sucked up by a vacuum cleaner which was followed by his brother’s video of a child stealing his mayonnaise. The videos received a large number of views which prompted the duo to start making videos of their daily lives at the same time as hilarious events and to put them online.

Dolan Twins Bio, Height, Net Worth And Family, How Old Are They

As their popularity grew they were signed by Brian Robert owner of a YouTube network in September 2015 to post their videos on another channel. Their first video The Blender Challenge attracted 2 million viewers in one month attracting a large number of visitors to the channel bringing its audience to 2.4 million. Both are known for the videos Grayson Gets His Wisdom Teeth Removed Guy Try Girl Products Can We Tell Ourselves Apart? and Baby Picture Challenge a hilarious video in which the loser can wear a diaper and run in a store.

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YouTube sensations had the opportunity to meet many talented celebrities and Viners such as Amanda Cerny Jack Paul Hoodie Allen Black Bear Chris Plenty and Jack Dail. Other stars such as Kian Lawley Cameron Dallas Chloé Colaluca Jake Paul and Meredith Mickelson were featured in some of their videos.

They were even ranked in the top ten to receive the most tweets from celebrities in 2017. They managed to attract about 6.4 million subscribers to Vine and more than 4.4 million subscribers to YouTube and further increase their fan base they launched an advertising campaign on Twitter for the use of the new social network stickers.

The twins took part in a 40U world tour that they started at the New Jersey iPlay America Arena with more than 2000 fans in attendance. However, they experienced significant setbacks when the young crowd began to push resulting in some teenagers being trampled on and others suffering serious injuries. Although no deaths were recorded some fans needed urgent treatment and the show was interrupted for several hours.


In 2016, the twins reached an important milestone in their careers by winning three Teen’s Choice Awards, including Choice Web Star: Men’s Category, Choice YouTuber Award, and Choice Comedian. Other awards for which they have been nominated include the 2017 Teen’s Choice Awards for Choice Web Star: Male Category, Actor of Choice and YouTuber of Choice.

There has been speculation that the twins will soon pursue an acting career as they are rumored to be working with Mackenzie Foy, Bella and Edward’s lovely daughter in the movie Twilight, but they are currently working with Awesomeness TV.


The twins were born to parents Lisa and Sean Dolan with an older sister named Cameroon Dolan who introduced them to the use of the Vine application. In November 2016 Ethan and Grayson released a video called You’re Not Alone on YouTube in which they talked about their father’s fight against cancer and the impact it had on them but they decided to love him to the end.

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Dolan Twins Net Worth

Dolan Twins have an overall net worth of $4 million which is generally due to their vlogging career. Grayson would have a share of $3 million while Ethan has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Dolan Twins Height, How Old Are They?

Dolan Twins Height

YouTubers were born in Long Vallery Washington Township Morris County New Jersey on December 16 1999 under the birth names Ethan Grant Dolan and Grayson Bailey Dolan. Ethan is said to be the oldest for about 20 minutes and they both have a height of 5ft 11 inches.