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Did Dick Fosbury Die from Lymphoma? A Look at His Obituary And Death Cause: Many people who like sports are excited to find out what caused Dick Fosbury’s death. The news about the famous athlete passing away was reported by many sports media outlets on Sunday.

Dick Fosbury was a famous high jumper from America who was really good at track and field. People thought he was one of the best athletes ever!

The athlete did something amazing at the 1968 Olympics – they won a gold medal by jumping backward! This was a new and different way of doing the high jump and changed the competition forever.

Almost all high jumpers started using Fosbury’s technique after he showed it to the world. His way of jumping let him stay closer to the ground while he was in the air. When he ran towards the bar, he would curve his body and then jump over it backward.

After he stopped competing, Doughlas still stayed involved in sports. He was on the executive board of the World Olympians Association.

In 2014, Fosbury tried to become a politician and run for a seat in the Idaho House of Representatives. He ran against a guy named Steve Miller, but unfortunately, he didn’t win.

In 2018, Dick competed against Larry Schoen in a race to become a Blaine County Commissioner. Dick won and started his job in January of 2019.

Dick Fosbury’s Death Cause

Dick Fosbury, a famous high jumper who won a gold medal at the Olympics, died at the age of 76.

An American athlete changed the sport of high jumping with a special move called the “Fosbury flop.” Sadly, he died suddenly on a Sunday. It was later reported that he had lymphoma again and that’s what caused his death.

Fans were surprised and sad when they heard that the famous high jumper had died. They wanted to find out why he died.

When people heard about the athlete’s death on TV and the Internet, they wanted to say nice things and express their sadness. Many people sent messages of sympathy to the family and friends of the famous athlete.

In March 2008, doctors found out that Dick had lymphoma, a type of cancer. A month later, he had an operation to take out a bad lump that was around his lower spine.

The doctors didn’t take out the whole lump because it was too close to Dick’s spine. They were worried it might cause problems. Instead, he had to have chemotherapy, which is a type of medicine that helps fight cancer.

In March 2009, the athlete said that he didn’t have cancer anymore. He was feeling better and doing well. In an interview with a newspaper called the Corvallis Gazette-Times in March 2014, he said that he was still doing well and didn’t have cancer anymore.

Unfortunately, Dick’s cancer came back again, and that’s what caused his death.

When Dick passed away, he left behind his partner, his son Erich, and two stepdaughters, Stephanie and Kristin.

In the 1968 Olympics held in Mexico City, Fosbury did something very different from what other athletes were doing. Instead of the usual scissor kick technique, he did something that surprised everyone. It confused both his competitors and the people watching.

When Dick Fosbury competed at the 1968 Olympics, he used a new way to jump called the “Fosbury flop”. This technique was different from the traditional way high jumpers used to jump. Dick’s technique helped him jump over a bar set at a height of 2.24 meters and he won the contest.

Dick Fosbury Obituary

Dick Fosbury’s friend and agent, Ray Schulte, shared on Instagram that he was sad to announce that Dick Fosbury passed away in his sleep on Sunday morning after being sick again with lymphoma.

Ato Bolden, a former world 200-meter champion, tweeted about Dick Fosbury’s passing. He expressed his condolences to Dick’s family and friends and wished him good luck. Ato also mentioned that the sport would always be grateful to Dick Fosbury.

The high jumper was honored by being inducted into three halls of fame: the Global Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame, the US Olympic Hall of Fame, and the US National Hall of Fame.

Dick was once the president of the US Olympian and Paralympic Association and the International Olympians Association.

Dick Fosbury
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Dick Fosbury was elected to serve as a Blaine County Commissioner in 2020 for a second term. However, no information about his funeral services has been made public yet.

The retired athlete also worked as a civil engineer and land surveyor. He even helped start a company called Galena Engineering. He went to college at Oregon State University and earned a degree in civil engineering technology.

For 25 years, Dick worked as an engineer for the City of Ketchum. He also led the Southern Idaho Solid Waste District and served on the Friedman Memorial Airport Authority.