Devonta Freeman Height, Weight, Measurements, Bio, Other Facts

Devonta Freeman Height, Weight, Measurements, Bio, Other Facts
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Devonta Freeman is considered one of the best football players the National Football League (NFL) has ever produced. She is an outstanding running back who plays in the football league with the badge of the Atlanta Falcons.

Freeman has been in top form since high school and remains one of the best running backs in the history of the oval leather game. The NFL star is proud of his impressive career record, which, starting in 2017, has the following stats – Rushing yards: 3,248, Receiving yards: 1,582, Rushing touchdowns: 30, Receiving touchdowns: 7, Rushing average: 4.3, and Receptions: 193.

For those who are fascinated by the football player’s professional and personal life, Celebily presents all the facts you need to know about him.

Devonta Freeman Bio and AgeĀ 

The Falcons running back was born on March 15, 1992, in Baxley, Georgia, in the United States of America as the son of Lorraine Freeman (mother) and Alfonso Nails (father). He owes his high school education to Miami Central High School, located in West Little River, Florida. During his time in Miami, he was part of the school’s own soccer team “Rockets”. In his junior year, he helped the team win the 2010 Class 6A Championship and was listed as MVP.

Devonta Freeman Height, Weight, Measurements, Bio, Other Facts
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At that time, he is said to have won 308 yards with 36 Carries, while Devonta was the senior national team leader in a Miami-Dade County with 26 touchdowns and 2,208 yards, scoring six touchdowns and 663 stormy yards in the last two games of the state playoffs.

Upon graduation, he was listed by as a 4-star recruit and the nation’s best running back. The footballer came to Florida State University in 2010 and officially played for the college football team starting in 2011. He made his college debut in a game against Louisiana-Monroe, scoring 69 stormy yards and a rushing touchdown in the second game of his second season, which ended with eight touchdowns and 111 carries over 660 yards.

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The 2013 Freeman season ended with a career highlight in 278 receiving yards, 1,016 rushing yards, and 15 touchdowns. The Baxley-born star entered the 2014 NFL Draft after announcing on January 11, 2014, that he would be relinquishing his senior season.

Devonta began his professional career in 2014 after he was selected by the Atlanta Falcons in the fourth round of the 2014 NFL Draft to finish 103rd overall. The footballer was the eighth running back to be selected in the draft that year. In his rookie season, the NFL star recorded 225 receiving yards in 30 receptions, 248 rushing yards in 65 carries, two receiving touchdowns, and one rushing touchdown.

2015 is considered his breakout season, as he finished third among the NFL running backs in both receptions (578) and receptions (73), along with three-receiver touchdowns, secured a spot in the Pro Bowl, and joined a second all-pro team. In 2016, Devonta was ranked fifth-best running back by his teammates at a 2016 NFL Best Player Selection event and was also named the 50th best player in the NFL.

Devonta Freeman continued to improve his performance in 2016, playing in the Divisional Round, NFC Championship, and Super Bowl LI. He was listed by his fellow players as the sixth-best running back in the NFL Top 100 Players of 2017 and 41st best player in the NFL.

The footballer renewed his contract with the Falcons on August 9, 2017, when he signed a five-year contract worth $41.25 million, making him the highest-paid running back in NFL history.

Devonta Freeman Height, Weight, Measurements, Bio, Other Facts
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Body Measurements: Height & Weight

The Atlanta Falcons running back has an enviable physique; one that most people, including male athletes, would give anything in the world to have. The Freeman has an average height of 1.73 m, while his body weight is consistent with his height and is estimated at 93 kg, which is equivalent to 206 lbs. However, his other body measurements are not detailed online.

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Other Facts AboutĀ Devonta Freeman

Devonta Freeman has a special relationship with Luther Campell, the former leader of the music group 2 Live Crew. The NFL star considers Luther his mentor and second father.

Devonta’s father was imprisoned in his youth.

The candidate for the fourth round of the NFL Draft 2014 lost his aunt when he was 14 years old. Her name is Tamekia N. Brown. She died at the age of 24. In honor of his aunt, Freeman tattooed her name on his left arm and now wears the number 24 jersey.