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David Soul Children: How Many Children Did He Have?

David Soul Children: How Many Children Did He Have?
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David Soul Children are Kristjian Solberg, China Soul, Christopher Soul, Brendan Soul, Jon Soul, Tyler Soul

David Soul has an elder Son from his first marriage to Mirriam “Mim” Solberg in 1964. The marriage lasted only a year.

Kristjian Solberg was born in 1971 from his second marriage to actress Karen Carlson in 1968. The couple divorced in 1977.

No children from his open relationship with actress Lynne Marta during the years he was filming Starsky & Hutch.

No children from his third marriage to Patti Carnel Sherman ex-wife of Bobby Sherman in 1980. The couple divorced in 1986.

China Soul was born in 1987 from his fourth marriage to actress Julia Nickson. China is a singer-songwriter who holds dual citizenship in both the US and UK.

No children from his fifth and last marriage to Helen Snell in 2010. Snell was an English public relations officer in the British stage production of Deathtrap. They had been in a relationship since 2002 after meeting when Soul was working in that play.

David was a devoted father to his children even though he went through several marriages. He often spoke about the importance of family and his love for his children.

David Soul Children: How Many Children Did He Have?
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Who are David Soul Children?

David, the iconic actor known for his role as Detective Ken “Hutch” Hutchinson in the 70s TV phenomenon Starsky & Hutch, also led a rich and complex life off-screen.

A significant chapter in that story revolved around David Soul children, six individuals who navigated the often-turbulent waters of fame and family through the prism of their celebrated father.

Soul fathered six children across five marriages, each child an individual note in the symphony of his personal history. From his brief first marriage to Mim Solberg in 1964, came an unnamed son, the quiet opening chord to his paternal journey.

With actress Karen Carlson, he welcomed Kristjian Solberg in 1971, a vibrant melody echoing the creative spirit of his parents.

David Soul Children: How Many Children Did He Have?
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During the “Starsky & Hutch” era, a relationship with actress Lynne Marta didn’t result in children but added a bittersweet counterpoint to his score.

With Patti Carnel Sherman, though their marriage was troubled, he became stepfather to her two sons, adding harmonies to blended family life.

Finally, his union with actress Julia Nickson in 1987 brought forth China Soul, a soulful singer-songwriter who became the crowning harmony of his paternal composition.

Growing up with a famous father wasn’t without its challenges. Kristjian, reflecting on the experience, said, “There was always that awareness of him being this larger-than-life figure, but he was also just Dad.”

Balancing stardom with fatherhood presented unique hurdles. China, in a heartfelt interview, recalled, “He was on the road a lot, but when he was present, his attention was undivided. He instilled in me a love for storytelling and a belief in following my dreams.”

David Soul, aside from acting, pursued music with passion. His 1976 hit “Don’t Give Up On Us” resonated deeply with his children, a message of perseverance that transcended mere lyrics.

Kristjian, a talented musician himself, remembers “singing together in the car, filling the air with love and laughter.” China, inspired by her father’s artistic spirit, embarked on a successful music career, carrying the torch of creativity.

Throughout his life, Soul remained dedicated to his children. He offered guidance, celebrated their achievements, and provided a haven during life’s storms.

His eldest son, reflecting on a difficult phase, remembers, “Dad was always there, a constant source of support, reminding me that I wasn’t alone.”

David Soul Children: How Many Children Did He Have?
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David Soul passed away in 2024, leaving behind a legacy that extended far beyond the silver screen. His children, each unique and accomplished, stand as testaments to the impact he had beyond the realm of fame.

They are the living melodies of his life, a chorus of love and resilience that continues to resonate long after the curtain falls.

Soul’s story is more than just one of Hollywood glamour. It’s a poignant tale of family, love, and the enduring power of human connection.

Through David Soul children, his legacy lives on, not just in their talents and achievements, but in the echoes of laughter, shared dreams, and the unwavering love that transcended the spotlight.

The symphony of David Soul children is a testament to the man who, once again, proved himself more than just a “Hutch” – he was a maestro of hearts, conducting a family orchestra that continues to play on.

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