Home Model Crystal Westbrooks Biography, Height, Age, Net Worth and Other Facts

Crystal Westbrooks Biography, Height, Age, Net Worth and Other Facts

Crystal Westbrooks Biography, Height, Age, Net Worth and Other Facts
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Crystal Westbrooks is one of the Westbrooks sisters, known for her reality series “The Westbrooks on BET Networks”. Admired by many for her natural beauty and pleasing personality, she has over 1 million followers on her Instagram account.

Crystal Westbrooks Biography, Age

She was born on 6 March 1993 in Florida as the child of a large family of nine. She grew up in Compton, South Los Angeles, California.

Crystal Westbrooks attended Ambler Avenue Elementary School in Carson, California, and then went to Santiago High School in Corona, California, where she graduated in 2011. During her school days, Crystal rode the cross-country skiing track and was a cheerleader. She enrolled at Texas Southern University (TSU), Houston Texas, where she majored in Finance and graduated in 2016.

Crystal, with a naturally beautiful face and fine features, was motivated by her younger sister India, who was already a gram star with her pictures, to publish her own pictures on Tumblr, albeit by chance. In a very short time, it attracted the attention of many Internet users, gained a number of followers, and eventually became a celebrity. She then moved to Instagram, where she published her first photo on August 30, 2013, and now has over 1 million followers.

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With her celebrity in social media, opportunities for modeling opened up and she began to acquire contracts. She was hired as a model by an online fashion retailer, Harley Dreux, and has also become a brand ambassador for many companies. Companies she has worked with include The Queen Pegasus Makeup, Tiffany Jewels, Slender Me Medical Health Spa, and Eburs Styling.

Moreover, her sympathy increased, as many wanted to know how she takes care of her curly golden curls. She does not wear false hair, nails, or even eyelashes. Her fans demanded that she talk to them about her hair care programs. In response to the request, Crystal took the opportunity to launch its own product line called Crystal Curls. She aims to keep curly hair as perfect as hers. Products include shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in conditioners.

The Westbrooks

The Patriarch of Westbrook, Warren, is African-American and Native American, while her mother Candace is Mexican and Creole. They have been married for over 30 years and own Royal Blunts – a cigar and landscaping company. The family has seven children – 2 boys (Blake and Warren Jr. also known as Pop) and 5 girls (Brooke, Morgan, Bree, Crystal, and India). Each of them has an individual goal and passion.

What makes her family so special is the family bond and love that keeps her grounded. For every member of her dear family, the family is not just an important thing, it is everything.

They are called the “First Family of Social Media” and are usually compared to the Kardashians because their reality show “The Westbrooks” is similar to “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” (KUWTK). They are even called Black Kardashians. But they have said in interviews that apart from the show, which is a reality show that shows the lives of the five sisters, there is nothing else they have in common with the Kardashian series.

The random videos of the sisters, which their father put on the Internet, attracted the attention of various production houses. They were approached by a number of producers who expressed their intention to make a television series based on the girls, possibly one similar to the Kardashians.

Finally, they reached an agreement with BET Networks, where the show premiered in October 2015. After the series, the sisters explained the differences between them and the KUWTKs. This includes the fact that they come from a black family, are not glamorous, and grew up in Compton. One of the disparity characteristics is that they neither eat in Beverly Hills nor drive up in Bentleys.

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Crystal Westbrooks Net Worth

Crystal is not just about beauty and fame, she has a functioning brain with an entrepreneurial streak. In addition to her modeling career and her hair care line, she has also introduced a range of affordable swimsuits on her website Crystal Bleus. She intends to promote an acting career and also has plans to launch her own line of high-definition cameras.

Her various ventures, including the reality TV series, have greatly enriched her wallet. Crystal Westbrooks net worth was placed between $250,000 and a whopping $5 million.

Height and Other Facts

She comes from a family where the size of the girls ranges from 5′ 2? to 5′ 5″ so a stand of 5’3? (1.60 m) is not bad.

herSnapchat account is cawestbrooks.

Crystal Westbrooks is of Indian, African American, Spanish, Asian and Creole descent.

She has a freethinking nature and is therefore often called a “hippie”.

Crystal, who is known as the natural sister in her show, rarely wears make-up and does not even own a make-up bag, nor does she have tattoos.

Her favorite color is orange, while lions and tigers are her favorites when it comes to animals.

Your star sign is Pisces.

She went out with a rapper, Drake, who was her sister, the ex-Indian. The sisters got into an argument on Twitter about the subject, but it was nothing more than that.

According to reports, Crystal is dating another rapper and songwriter, Steven Russell.

When she began her journey to fame, she would go out with her sisters and take pictures with her father’s expensive camera. The camera gave her pictures of a quality that was among the things her fans loved.