Chris Pratt’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements
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Today it might only be about the size of Chris Pratt and his other body measurements, but we are still excited. It’s Chris Pratt’s people! OK, that’s enough solo excitement, it’s time to tell you what makes him such a hot topic. The actor was born Christopher Michael Pratt on June 21, 1979. His story is great, and we’re sure we can get a laugh or two out of it.

Chris grew up with a desire to become rich and famous, the thing is that he didn’t have a fixed play schedule. So it was no surprise that he dropped out of a local community college halfway through his first semester and was homeless in Maui for a while.

Describing the experience to The Independent, he said, “It’s a pretty great place to be homeless. We only drank and smoked grass and worked for just a few hours, just enough to cover the gas, food and fish supplies. While waiting in his “cul-de-sac”, he was discovered by actress and director Rae Dawn Chong.

He made his film debut in the short horror movie Cursed Part 3, and he made several television appearances and read for the roles of James T. Kirk in the 2009 movie Star Trek and Jake Sully in the 2009 movie Avatar. The actor was dealt a severe blow to his self-esteem when he didn’t get it and was told that he didn’t have that “it factor”.

Today, he can proudly tell them to eat their words with him when he stars in blockbusters like “Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World”. That’s enough for now, let’s get down to business and start with Chris Pratt’s height.

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Chris Pratt Height

It is undoubtedly obvious that the actor is quite long horizontally. He’s pretty tall, 6’3″ and 2″, these are almost NBA big guys. He is one of the few actors where the majority of people believe that his given height is his actual height. This is a rare feat right here.

There’s not much to say about Chris Pratt’s height, the guy is tall, there you have it, but we have a shortlist of other celebrities as tall as the actor if you’re in the mood for an imaginative comparison.

Chris Pratt’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

Donald Trump, the elected president of the USA, Gerard Butler, an actor colleague, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, a bodybuilder who became an actor, who became a politician again, all share the height of Chris Pratt.

Chris’s Weight

Even more interesting than Chris Pratt’s size issue is the issue of his weight, and this time we’re not just saying it. The actor has had a pretty cool weight loss and gains journey. The actor currently weighs 84 kg, that’s 185 pounds, but it’s known that he loses weight and gains weight for his movie roles, let’s check that out.

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Chris was more in the neighborhood of 300 pounds before auditioning for The Guardians of the Galaxy, he lost 60 pounds over six months and he announced it to the world in a way that all announcements should be made.

Chris Pratt’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

He posted a picture on Instagram, the caption read ‘Six months no beer. #So it was ‘Goodbye’ to the lovable, awkward character in Parks And Recreation or, as you may recall, the 280 pound alcoholic Cully from the movie 10 Years. Seeing him almost half his size must have stirred mixed feelings.

Nonetheless, the actor seems to enjoy his new height, and since it took a lot of work to reach this height, we doubt that he will reach this weight again in the foreseeable future. So the next question is: How did he manage it? He told Men’s Fitness: “Three or four hours a day, in which he simply worked consistently and hard.

With the help of a personal trainer and a nutritionist, the actor increased his calorie intake to 4,000 calories a day and drank tons of water. I peed all day long, every day,” Pratt told the magazine. That part was a nightmare. Nonetheless, the actor swore to the Guardians of the Galaxy that he would never get fat again.

Chris Pratt’s Body Measurements

Here’s a summary of all the actor’s body measurements.

Height: 6’2

Weight: 84 kg

Chest: 44 inches

Waist: 34 inches

Biceps: 16 inches

Shoe size: 13 (US) or 12.5 (UK) or 46 (EU)