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Chanel West Coast, known for singing, acting, Rapping, television production, and songwriting, gained a new level of fame and popularity through the roles taken in MTV’s Rob Dyrdek‘s Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness. In the music genre of the genre including pop, hip-hop and R & B, She released debut album Blueberry Chills, in which the singer Honey Cocaine was featured in the first month of 2014.

Chanel West Coast Bio, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Age, Height
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The Smart, Sweet and Vibrant Blonde started her acting career in single episodes of the MTV series, which is known as The Hard Times of RJ Berger. Beyond entertainment, the versatile singer is also known to be a good business leader. According to reliable sources, she is in the process of starting her own clothing line, which will be known by the label “Valleywood“. It is expected that the new clothing line will be as successful as the other industries in the entertainment industry. Find more details about her Bio, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Age, Height.

Chanel West Coast: Biography

Chanel West Coast Bio, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Age, Height
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The multi-talented entertainer was born on September 1, 1988, in Los Angeles, California, She was named as Chelsea Chanel Dudley. During her early years, her parents separated and as a result, Chanel West had to shuttle with North Hollywood with her mother and New York where her father lives and works as a local DJ.

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The young Chanel usually used to go to local clubs with her father when they had performed and described some of their fondest and oldest memories. when She would sit and wait for her father under the DJ’s boots where no one would  notice her presence

Chanel West Coast Bio, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Age, Height
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The young entertainer created a passion for music at a very young age, and with encouragement from her parents, She joined lessons in dance and singing, but when she participated and competed in competing hip-hop dance teams, Her love for music increased even more.

She started recording at Marvin Gaye’s Hollywood Hills studio and later launched her first MySpace music page at the age of 17. The page which was launched in the name of Chanel West Coast was a means of sharing its recordings with the rest of the world. Since then, the singer’s career in music has gone beyond her imagination.

Is He A Transgender?

A definite hilarious social media meme was on the internet in July 2015 that Lee Norris, the teenage character of Stuart Minkus in 1993-94 at ABC sitcom Boy Meets World, had a sex swap surgery from boy to girl, and finally, Life changed. Recognize Channel West Coast Although the meme was originally intended as a pun, many people who saw it actually believe it to be true that Lee really swapped genders, became a woman and continued with his acting career.

Chanel West Coast
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But of course, the rumors are false, nothing except a pack of lies. Singer, Channel West Coast, was never a Man. Chanel is a different person from Le Norris, it just happens that both of them look like each other’s faces. Also, when you look at it from an angle of age, they are different. Lee was born on 25 September 1981, while the channel came on September 1, 1988, which is seven years difference.

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The most fun part of this story is the horrors of those who truly believe it to be true. There is a clear question to ask – if this was true, why did not the largest media outlet publish it? Rumors only caused a natural death due to lying and because the singer co-star was born as one of the female species and she has remained a female till date.


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Talking about the situation of her relationship, the famous entertainer seems stingy with information about her dating life, but it has come to know that he had dated Liam Horn in 2014.

She has also been in a romantic relationship with Chris Pfaff in the past, but never been married, nor has she been engaged. Apart from this, there is no record of any offspring from the veteran entertainer.

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Chanel West Coast Net Worth

Though her annual salary is not known, Chanel West Coast has accumulated a net worth of $1 million, which was earned over the years through earnings of her career as well as through other efforts. In her chosen career path, she is still young and is eager to earn even more after becoming active.