Cashay Henderson, 31 Years Transgender Woman Shot To Death- Case Update

Cashay Henderson a Black transgender lady was killed in Milwaukee on Sunday. Henderson was 31 years old at the time.

Cashay Henderson is at least the seventh transgender individual to be killed in the United States this year according to the Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents blog.

Furthermore, she is the third Black transgender woman murdered in Milwaukee in the last nine months.

On Sunday morning Henderson was found dead from a gunshot wound in a burning apartment building.

According to Fox 6 Milwaukee, no arrests have been made in connection with her demise. Continue reading to find out more about her.

Who Was Cashay Henderson? 

According to PGH Lesbian Correspondents Cashay Henderson initially from Chicago enjoyed makeup fashion hip hop and restaurants as evidenced by her social media accounts.

For over five years she was an active member of Sisters Helping Each Other Battle Adversity (SHEBA) a biweekly meeting place for Black transgender women.

Following her death the organization honored her noting that she was also known as Gemini Shanti and was an inspiration to many of its members.

Henderson witnessed the funeral of Regina “Mya” Allen another Black trans woman who was killed in Milwaukee in August 2022.

Henderson was also remembered on Facebook by the Black Rose Initiative a coalition of Black transgender leaders in Wisconsin who described her as a wonderful friend and influencer in their community who will be missed.

SHEBA voiced sadness and dread over Henderson’s death as she is the third Black transgender woman killed in Milwaukee in the last year.

In addition, Diverse and Resilient a Milwaukee-based LGBTQ+ advocacy organization recognized Cashay Henderson on Facebook.

They described her as a beloved and respected part of the community. Veronica Beck Henderson’s cousin also began a GoFundMe to cover her funeral expenses.

Henderson is described on the page as having a lively spirit and a down-to-earth honest demeanor. It stresses that Henderson did not deserve to die so young.

Henderson was also a transgender woman with stunning inner and outward beauty according to GoFundMe.

Case Update: 31 Years Transgender Woman Shot To Death

Milwaukee Fire was called to an apartment building on Sunday morning due to a fire near the front of the structure.

Residents were evacuated and firefighters discovered the corpse of a woman who had been shot to death in one of the units.

Cashay Henderson a 31-year-old Black transgender woman was recognized as the victim.

On Sunday, February 26th firefighters reacting to a fire discovered Cashay Henderson inside her apartment. She had been struck with a gun.

Henderson was described as a “loved and valuable member of our community” by a Milwaukee nonprofit in a Facebook post.

The authorities are treating her death as a homicide investigation and are looking for a suspect or suspects. Milwaukee activist Roby addressed the dangers that transgender people face in the city.

They stated that the threat of violence is a constant threat to which they must remain vigilant.

Leaders in the LGBTQ+ community have stated that they need additional support from the community and that such murders exacerbate fear unease and the perception of being singled out.

Members of Milwaukee’s transgender community reflect on the loss of the 31-year-old woman and emphasize the dangers that transgender women face simply for being themselves in the aftermath of the incident.