Caitlyn Scott-Lee, A Student Of Wycombe Abbey, was Found Dead In An Apparent Suicide, Leaving the Family Grieving
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Caitlyn Scott-Lee, A Student Of Wycombe Abbey, Found Dead In An Apparent Suicide, Leaving Family Grieving: The tragic death of a girl student near Wycombe Abbey School has shocked and saddened people. Caitlyn Scott-Lee 16 was discovered dead near the prestigious all-girls school in the United Kingdom prompting parents of students to claim that the school has a “culture of fear.”

Welfare Prioritized Over Grades

Parents of Wycombe Abbey School students have expressed concerns about the alleged atmosphere in which welfare takes precedence over grades. The school whose graduates include Eve Best from The King’s Speech and Dominic Cummings’ wife Mary Wakefield is now under fire from students’ parents.

Cause of Death Unknown

The death of the adolescent girl at the boarding school is not being investigated by authorities though the exact cause of death is unknown. Caitlyn Scott-Lee was discovered on Friday night in a forested area next to a playing field at the £44000-per-year Wycombe Abbey School.

Police Confirm the Discovery

Thames Valley Police confirmed that her body was discovered just before midnight on Friday, April 21. Late Friday night police were called to the prestigious independent school where Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s daughter is said to be a student.

Thames Valley Police contacted the school around 11.40 p.m. on Friday after the 16-year-old girl was tragically discovered dead according to a force spokeswoman.

Family Grieves

The 16-year-old’s untimely and unexpected death has saddened the entire country while the news has devastated her parents and family. Caitlyn’s parents’ identities and other details are not publicly known.

Her parents on the other hand adored her. The 16-year-old had been a “everyday girl” who had always tried to avoid “disappointing her parents” according to the Daily Mail.

Alleged Negligence

“I’m in shock and grief,” one parent said alleging that the school failed to meet its obligations in this case. “My daughter recently had a WhatsApp conversation with Caitlyn.

Fear pervades the culture at that school. It all comes down to attracting the best students. It almost reminds me of a factory where causing collateral damage is standard procedure.

This could have been avoided.” Her parents were aware that she was having mental problems and she had previously screamed for help.

Previous Tragedies

Prior to Caitlyn Scott-Lee’s death, two former students from the same school died in separate tragedies. Ekaterina Tsukanova the talented daughter of Russian banker Igor Tsukanov was found dead in her bathtub.

An inquest heard that she self-harmed and drank alcohol to cope with the stress of GCSE exams but she had no intention of killing herself. That same year Iris Goldsmith the daughter of tycoon Ben Goldsmith died in a quad bike accident in Somerset. She too was a teen.

A Top Independent School

Wycombe Abbey School is one of the nation’s top independent schools with an estimated 13% of students attending Oxbridge Colleges. Dame Frances Dove founded the school in 1896 and it now enrolls approximately 656 students including 591 boarders. It is situated on 160 acres of conservation land in the heart of High Wycombe.

An investigation is currently underway.

Caitlyn Scott-Lee died for unknown reasons and an investigation is currently underway. The school has yet to respond to the allegations made by the student’s parents. It is unclear how the school will respond to the criticism and how the investigation will proceed.