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Cadence Gaelle Bridges: Things to know About Ludacris’ Daughter

Cadence Gaelle Bridges: Things to know About Ludacris' Daughter
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Cadence Gaelle Bridges is the daughter of rapper and actor Ludacris and his wife Eudoxie Mbouguiengue. Bridges’ father, Ludacris, is best known for his role as Thea Parker in the Fast and Furious film series and for musical hits such as Back for the First Time, Word of Mouf, Chicken-n-Beer, and 2004’s The Red Light District.

All of these hits have been certified multi-platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

In addition to being an award-winning rapper and actor, Ludacris is also a doting father to his four children, all girls. Although the actor will probably never reveal which one is his favorite, we would love to go and analyze whether this robe belongs to his third child, Candence.

Find out about her relationship with her father, mother, and siblings.

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Cadence Gaelle Bridges Is Ludacris’ Third Child

Bridges were born in June 2015, weighing 7 lbs and 4 oz. Her parents shared the news of her arrival via Instagram, with Eudoxia posting a balloon that read “Baby Girl”, while Luda shared his excitement by posting a throwback photo of his baby with his mum in their home country of Gabon. Gaelle (which means “father’s joy”) was Luda’s third child, while Eudoxie was his first.

Cadence Gaelle Bridges: Things to know About Ludacris' Daughter
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On her father’s side, she has African-American ancestry, as well as distant English and Indian ancestry. Her Dad, Ludacris, was a distant cousin of the late comedian Richard Pryor. Her mother was a model from Gabon. Cadence’s father, a rapper, has both the United States and Gabonese citizenship.

Cadence Bridges’ Successful Grandparents

Bridges’ grandmother and Ludacre’s mother, Roberta Shields, helped set up the Ludacre Foundation. The organization focuses on inspiring young people through education, memorable experiences, and helping young people help themselves.

Cadence Gaelle Bridges: Things to know About Ludacris' Daughter
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Cadence’s grandmother has also built partnerships with industry giants and led teams of volunteers who have provided more than 150,000 hours of service to more than 10,000 people in need. In addition, she is a former Fortune 100 executive with a background in financial services and strategic planning. Shields holds an MBA from Johns Hopkins University and a BA in Economics from the University of Illinois.

Her late grandfather and Christopher’s father, Wayne Bridges, was also an entrepreneur and marketing executive at DTP, Inc., a printing and marketing company.

Cadence Gaelle Bridges’ Mother Experienced Hunger, Poverty, And Sexual Abuse

Cadence’s mother, Eudoxie Bridges, is a native of Gabonese villages in west-central Africa. Currently, she is an advocate and activist for women who have suffered verbal, emotional, and sexual violence.

Eudoxie Bridges
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Eudoxia, through her website Unspoken Angels, advocates for the support, education, inspiration, and empowerment of young ladies in the United States and West Africa as it provides a safe and comforting environment with positive initiatives for women.

Unspoken Angels are also the story of Ms. Bridges’ humble beginnings. On her website, she has spoken about times in her life when she did not have enough to eat. She has also spoken about her past experiences of verbal, mental, and sexual abuse. Luda’s wife has recounted her harsh childhood in Unspoken Angel: My Story Through Her Eyes.

She came to America speaking only three words of English.

Thus, with Unspoken Angels, Gale’s mother aims to help such girls cope with the pain, betrayal, and feelings of inferiority. Eudoxia also has a medical background.

Gaelle Bridges’ Mom, Eudoxie Mbouguiengue Also Suffered a Miscarriage

In May 2018, Eudoxia, Gaëlle’s activist mother, shared through Ig another painful experience she went through after a miscarriage.

Expressing her gratitude to God for allowing her to have another birthday, Eudoxie revealed that in 2018 she faced a lot of anxiety when she had a miscarriage and needed surgery.

Congratulating Cadence on her third birthday, Eudoxie told how she said the sweetest things a mother could hear. The activist wrote,

When she witnessed me crying for the first time during my miscarriage, she gave me a hug and said, “it’s going to be ok Maman. Do you want daddy?” 

Cadence’s Musician/Actor Father Fought Hard To Gain Custody Of Her Half Sibling

Her sister, Chance Oyali Bridges, was born on July 28, 2021. Bridges’ mother named Chance after her deceased grandmother. In addition to Chance, Cadence has two older half-sisters, Cai Bridges and Karma Bridges, each from a previous relationship with their father.

Cadence Gaelle Bridges: Things to know About Ludacris' Daughter
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In February 2015, the Southern Hospitality singer gained primary custody of his one-year-old daughter Cai, who he had with ex Tamica Fuller. Exactly a year earlier, Cadence’s father had filed for full custody of his daughter. At that time, he claimed to be a fit and capable parent. Unfortunately for the American and gobby artist, the judge granted full custody to Tamika, stating that it was in the child’s best interests to stay with her mother.

In addition, the court ordered the father of the four girls to pay USD 7,500 a month in child support and USD 35,000 to Tamika for legal costs.

Cadence’s older half-sister, Karma Bridges, was born in August 2001 from Lud’s relationship with his former sister, Christine White. Christine was an attorney from Atlanta. Karma, the eldest daughter, is the main inspiration for the Ludacris animated series Karma’s World. She graduated from high school in 2020 and had then announced that she would attend Spelman College, a private, liberal arts college for historically black women in Atlanta, Georgia.

Cadence Gaelle Bridges And Her Sisters Love Saying The Word, “Fart” 

The three-time Grammy Award-winning rapper is as amazed as any parent at why kids do the things they do. Two of his children, possibly including Cadence, made Luda wonder why they like to say “fart” so often.

In a video posted on TikTok in May 2021, the Illinois-born singer shared his frustration in trying to get his two youngest daughters to stop saying the word “fart”.

“Daddy? Is this how you spell fart: f-a-r-t?”

says one of Ludacra’s daughters, sitting in the back seat off-camera.

“Yes, but why are ya’ll spelling fart?”

We see the father answer as his daughter’s laugh, realizing that they have spelled the word correctly. However, they continue to say the word again (and again).

Finally, Ludacris gets annoyed and says,

“Why are we spelling fart? Let’s not spell fart anymore — and don’t do it.” Of course, the fart giggles and questions continued. “Alright, that’s enough,” Ludacris said. “No more farts! I don’t even want to hear the word fart.”

One could see that the Hollywood star is not far from the average parent who tries to understand the absurd antics of their children.

In March 2021, the star uploaded an adorable clip showing him with his two youngest children, Cai and Candence.

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The video showed the two little ones throwing beach sand at their dad while relaxing on a beach. A tired Luda looks into the camera and says,

“You know they say sand is a natural exfoliant for the skin.” He jokingly added, “But what do I know? I’m just a dad that’s on spring break with his kids.”

Bridge’s Parents Got Engaged And Married On The Same Day

Gaela’s parents Ludacris and Eudoxie got engaged the day after Christmas 2014. Illinoisans pop the question to a Gabonese model on a plane en route to Costa Rica.

They had been dating for almost five years. Their fans were shocked to hear that they had already tied the knot. E! reported that the proposal and the wedding took place on the same day.

Cadence Gaelle Bridges: Things to know About Ludacris' Daughter

Eudoxia later spoke to E! and said that she and her husband chose a simple and intimate wedding that was perfect for them. She revealed that they wanted the day to be about their loving commitment to each other.

The couple originally met in Ludaday. It was a weekend tradition aimed at bringing families and celebrities together. Interestingly, although Ludacris admitted to cheating on her, Mbouguiengue has managed to give the rapper another chance to make amends.

Luda’s Ex Claimed The Marriage Was A Sham

Chris’s ex-wife, Tamika Fuller, claimed that Lud and Eudoxia’s marriage was more of a sham to show the judge in their custody battle that he has a stable and loving family. Fuller stated that he married his new girlfriend so that he could get custody of Cai. Given how quickly they jumped from engagement to marriage.