Burkely Duffield Bio, Age, Gay, Girlfriend, Facts About The Canadian Actor
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How well do you know Burkely Duffield? The Canadian actor managed to remain relatively discreet even after obtaining lead roles in not one, but two television programs. The actor was first chosen for the lead role of Eddie Miller in the show Nickelodeon – House Of Anubis.

The mysterious TV series was based on Het Huis Anubis. The show created by Gert Verhulst and Hans Bourlon was created in 2011 and was the first television show on the network to have a telenovela format. The series also featured Nathalia Ramos, Brad Kavanagh, Alex Sawyer and Alexandra Shipp (who later starred in X Men: Apocalypse, Love, Simon and Straight Outta Compton).

In 2017, he played the lead role in the science fiction television series on Holden Matthew, a young man who wakes up from a coma after twelve years to discover that he has supernatural abilities. He finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy as he tries to understand what has happened to him over the past twelve years. It is also struggling to re-adapt to the extent of the changes that have occurred in the world. The Canadian actor was chosen as Holden Matthew in the show created by Adam Nussdorf. Dilan Gwyn, Romy Rosemont, Michael McGrady and Jordan Calloway (who also played in Black Lightning, House of Lies and Riverdale).

Bio & Age

Burkely Duffield was born on August 9, 1992, in Vancouver, Canada. Many celebrities were also born on August 9, including Anna Kendrick, Whitney Houston, Jessica Capshaw, Anwar Jibawi, Bill Skarsgard and Adelaide Kane; one could say he is in good company.

He has a younger sister – Victoria Duffield and a brother, Mitchell Duffield.

Gay Or Straight? Does The Actor Have A Girlfriend?

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As with most people in the spotlight and in the entertainment world, there has been speculation about the actor’s sexuality. However, according to his previous relationships, the actor is not homosexual.

He keeps a large part of his personal life away from the media although there have been rumours about his relationships. It was said that the Canadian star had a relationship with the English actress Jade Ramsey, who was also an actress at House of Anubis, where she played Patricia Williamson. When asked about their relationship, they both dodged the questions and never confirmed anything.

However, in an interview with Glitter Magazine, the actor confirmed to be in a relationship, but the girl he was in the relationship with was not Jade. Let’s just say the jury hasn’t made a decision on that yet.

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Burkely Duffield Bio, Age, Gay, Girlfriend, Facts About The Canadian Actor
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Facts About Burkely Duffield

1. The actor has been in the game for some time and has the “rap sheet” to prove it. Duffield has appeared in several films including Under The Mistletoe, Pathfinder, Kickin It Old Skool, Numb, Ace Of Hearts, And Baby Will fall, Mega Cyclone, Jinxed, My Mother’s Future Husband, Paper Angels, One Crazy Cruise and 2016’s sleeper hit, The fantasy movie – Warcraft.

2. In addition to House of Anubis and Beyond, he has appeared in Masters of Science Fiction, Aliens in America, Supernatural, The Tomorrow People, Minority Report and The Arrangement.

3. From the filmography he has chosen above, you can easily see that the actor clearly has a preference for science fiction and fantasy productions. Who can blame him, they’re the most fun to film.

4. He is the older brother of Canadian pop star, dancer and actress Victoria Duffield. His younger sister, born on January 3, 1995, made her debut in the music industry by playing in The Next Star, a reality competition series. After her participation in the show, she released an extended play – Secrets – which included three singles. Fortunately, she has signed with Warner Music Canada and her next single – Shut Up and Dance – has reached 12th place on the Canadian Hot 100 charts. Shortly afterwards, she released her first album and the rest, as they say, is history (at least for the moment).

5. Burkely Duffield also studied business administration at the University of British Columbia. Although his degree is not yet complete, he has repeatedly expressed a desire to return to university and complete his studies. It remains to be seen whether he will really make a difference.