Home Model Bridget Satterlee Biography Age, Height, Family Life and Other Facts

Bridget Satterlee Biography Age, Height, Family Life and Other Facts

Bridget Satterlee Biography Age, Height, Family Life and Other Facts
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Bridget Satterlee is an American model who has made a name for herself as a model in various parts of the world. Even though she is not as popular as many others, she has managed to secure a generous fan base both on social media and on the Internet. Here is everything worth knowing about her.

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Bridget Satterlee Biography and Age

Bridget Rose Satterlee was born on December 03, 1997, in Northern California and grew up there. Nevertheless, there is not much concerning her education and the like.

As she grew up, the young model started riding, but as it will turn out, it is modeling that would be her main thing. As for the beginning of her modeling career, she was able to get the necessary impetus from her father, who, through a friend, got her to start working for a modeling agency.

She has worked with Nous Model Management and The Hive Agency in the UK. She has also had working relationships with great and internationally known photographers such as Claire Rothstein, Andres De Laura, and Constance Phillips.

As for her age, given that she was born in 1997, it is quite easy to correctly estimate her age.

Family Life

One of the things that are quite mysterious about Bridget is her family life, which is very unknown thanks to her very private life.

It is not known if she has brothers and sisters or not, because she hasn’t revealed anything about it. Apart from her father, she has kept her family well hidden from the public eye. The only thing provided about her father is that he was the one who made her start modeling.

Bridget Satterlee Dating and Boyfriend

Although she has not been associated with many men in the past, the only person she has been associated with is Scott Disick. Before being associated, Scott had already dated many women including Chloe Bartoli, Kourtney Kardashian (with whom he had three children), Lina Sandberg, Christine Burke, Bella Banos, and Bella Thorne.

While there was no case of the two datings, the star of Keeping it up With Kardashians was popular for dates with much younger men. Even though it turns out to be Sofia Richie that Scott is dating, Bridget Satterlee is not yet dating anyone.

Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

As a model, one of the things that made Bridget Satterlee successful is her beauty, which cannot be denied. Beyond the pure beauty of her face, the young model also has a good height and structure as well as shape and size.

With a banana shape, the model Nous Models LA has a height of 173 cm (5 feet 8 inches), which is good for her as a model. However, her exact body weight is not known, as it is not intended for public use.

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Looking at her general body measurements, Satterlee has a bust of 34 inches (86 cm) B, a waist of 24 inches (61 cm), and her hips measure 34 inches (86 cm). Even more, she wears shoe size 7.5 (US) and dresses size 2 (US). The color of her eyes and hair are both brown.

Other Facts

  • In 2014 the beautiful model got the opportunity to represent the USA at the world finals of Elite Model Look. The competition is one of the largest and most prestigious model-making competitions in the world. She was a finalist in the competition.
  • like most of the other stars, Bridget Satterlee has a large following in social media. On Instagram, which happens to be her main fan base, the photogenic model has over half a million followers. On Twitter, however, she has less than ten thousand followers.
  • Even though she is a young model who still does good for herself, her actual assets are not known. So far, there are no records of her involvement in things like video commercials or movies because she is not an actress. Maybe she will be active in this area in the future.
  • Raised in California, she lived in Arizona from 2014.