Brent Smith Married, Wife, Son, Family, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Height
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The American music group, popularly known as Shinedown, has been around for more than a decade with an astonishing record of over 10 million albums sold around the world. The band’s frontman, Brent Smith, who is also the lead singer and songwriter, has contributed much to the band’s overall success with five remarkable albums that have helped the band carve out a niche in the entertainment industry.

On May 27, 2003, the band released its debut album, Leave a Whisper, which was awarded platinum by the RIAA in the USA. Leave a Whisper had an admirable record of over one million sales. Her second album, Us and Them, which was awarded gold, was released in 2005, and in 2008 her third album, The Sound of Madness, came into the spotlight as Florida’s boldest attempt at rocking to date. Her fourth album, “Amaryllis”, fell in 2012, followed by “Threat to Survival”, her fifth album, which was released in 2015.

Brent Smith Net Worth

The singer is known to lead a lavish life with a handsome net worth of $6 million, probably stemming from his career as a singer and songwriter in the entertainment industry. He also has other business ventures underway, but currently, the details of the real estate and cars he owns are not publicly known.

Brent Smith Married, Wife, Son, Family, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Height
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Is Brent Smith Married? Family, Wife, Son, Girlfriend

Details of his parents’ identity and family background are not publicly known, but we can confirm that his parents were Americans living in Knoxville, Tennessee. The acclaimed singer was born the only child of his parents and grew up in a supportive environment that helped him pursue a career as a singer in the entertainment industry.

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According to what we can sift from his records, Brent is not in a marital relationship and has never dared to have one in the past. So there are no records of any divorce of the singer. Nevertheless, he has had a few relationships with the opposite sex in the past. Brent maintained an open relationship with Teresa Collier that lasted for a long time. Although we do not have enough information about the beginning of his relationship with Teresa, we do know that the relationship broke up in February 2016.

Currently, Brent Smith has a fiancée named Ashley Smith Marshall, with whom he had a son named Lyric Santana Smith. According to him, the birth of his son and girlfriend inspired him to throw away his mind-altering substances and face the more serious task of losing the excess weight he had accumulated during the period of his addiction. The singer suddenly realized that life was no longer just about him and his whims and whims, but that an innocent little boy had just become part of his life. This made him discard all the inedible habits he had acquired in the past.

Brent Smith Married, Wife, Son, Family, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Height
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His first love song without beating about the bush, entitled If You Only Knew, was written the day he learned of his impending fatherhood, and this is definitely a big event for a man who vowed long ago never to write a stupid love song. Brent confessed that his son gave him a whole new perspective on life and love. In addition, his girlfriend Ashley also played a major role in the singer’s new way of thinking. The two knew each other for 11 years before they were officially engaged, and they were friends for years before their friendship turned into a hot romance. Brent confessed that the lyrics of the song are a summary of his feelings whenever he happened to be separated from her.

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The singer and songwriter have a height of 5 feet 8 inches with a corresponding body weight of 69 kg, but he was not always so fit. The crooner became obese after a long struggle with alcoholism and hard drug abuse, but the love of his girlfriend and the inspiration of his little son brought him back on his feet.

His excessive body weight had even made him the object of ridicule on national television, and so Brent made the conscious decision to trade hard drugs and alcohol for a healthy diet and training sessions with the ass-kicking. The resulting effect was a whopping 70 pounds of body weight loss. Brent Smith has blue eyes with brown hair.