Brenda Venus Biography – Everything You Need Too Know
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Brenda Venus is a famous American actress, author, ballet dancer, filmmaker, and former model. She is popularly known as the brain behind the incredibly successful book series Secrets of Seduction for Men and Secrets of Seduction for Women, one of the leading books on sex, seduction, eroticism, and sexual behavior. As an actress, she has appeared in over a dozen films and television series, including The Eiger Sanction in 1975, Foxy Brown, and 48 Hrs. Brenda’s enormous talent and incredible beauty have won the affection and respect of millions of people around the world.

Brenda Venus Biography

The phenomenal actress was born on November 10, 1947, as Brenda Gabrielle Venus in Biloxi, Mississippi. She belongs to the Native American ethnic group. There is a lack of information about Brenda’s siblings and parents, her family background, and educational history, as she does not like to talk about the private details of her life.

Brenda began her writing career when she was still in college after buying and reading a book by Henry Miller, who is known for Black Spring, Tropic of Cancer, and other literary works. The book happened to contain his address, so Brenda wrote him a letter in reply. Over the years they became pen pals and Henry Miller became Brenda’s mentor and really helped her to improve her writing skills. He commented on her work and gave her advice where necessary.

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She began writing a column for the popular Playboy magazine Centerfolds of Sex, which she published for six years before writing her first books: Secrets of Seduction for Men and Secrets of Seduction of Women. In 2012 she also wrote and published a novella entitled Twelve Hours. Brenda Venus’ books have been translated into more than 30 languages, and she has traveled the world on book tours. She has also made numerous appearances on radio, in interviews, and on television.

Since Brenda is a woman with many talents and interests, it was not surprising that she finally took the step into the world of acting. She has starred in several films including An Eye for an Eye, Knight Fright, The Legend of Valentino, The Eiger Sanction, Foxy Brown, Deathsport, Swashbuckler, and Joshua. Her films are both critically and commercially successful and are highly recommended by followers of her work.

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Things You Need To Know About Her

1. She has been the Muse of Several other Famous People

The gorgeous actress and writer also served as inspiration for famous artists like boxer Gary Dobry, photographer Ken Marcus, and painter Harold Frank.

2. Brenda Venus Created her Own Movies

In addition to her leading roles in movies, Brenda Venus has produced and directed a number of films, including Love & Sex in LA, which is based on her own books. The film claimed to be the answer to every question you have ever asked or wondered about the opposite sex. It was very well received.

3. Brenda had a Very Intimate Relationship with the Author Henry Miller

Brenda Venus Biography – Everything You Need Too Know
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Although it has not yet been confirmed whether Brenda Venus and Miller were actually lovers, it is known that Henry Miller was madly in love with his protégé. After they began writing to each other and spending more time together, Henry considered Brenda his muse and wrote 1,500 love letters to her, which were later published in book form. Miller claimed that she had given him a reason to live on, and the mere mention of her name filled him with ecstasy.

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4. Brenda Venus is Acquainted with Vladimir Putin

Brenda had the great honor to be invited by Russian Prime Minister Putin to her birthday as a guest of the Prime Minister. He invited her to see the piece of Venus that was inspired by her life. The leading role was played by Svetlana Khorkina, an Olympic gold medalist, and the other casting positions were filled by the Bolshoi Ballet team.

5. She has been featured in the Playboy Magazine

Although Brenda Venus spent six glorious years writing for the prestigious magazine, she also did a nude series for Playboy in 1997, after which her celebrity status was a fact. Prior to that, in 1986, after her relationship with Henry Miller had begun, she had been published in the magazine, in addition to several letters he had written to her.