Brad Stevens Wife (Tracy Wilhelmy Stevens) Family, Age, Height, Salary
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He started as a volunteer for Butler, rose to the rank of head coach, and became one of the best coaches in the world of basketball. This is the story of the rare jewel in the NBA Brad Stevens, who confidently boasts a great career start. In fact, it is often said that no coach in Butler Men’s basketball history can boast a better career start than Brad Stevens. Since joining the hottest team in the NBA, the Boston Celtics, as the 17th head coach in 2013, Stevens has won 221 games with the Boston Celtics in his fifth season as head coach. Learn more about him, his family, statistics, and his salary.

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Brad Stevens Biography, Age

Stevens was born on October 22, 1976, as Bradley Kent Stevens and is an American by nationality and white by ethnicity. He grew up in Zionsville, Indiana, where he received his basic education and developed a passion for basketball. According to his mother, Stevens began taking an interest in basketball at the age of five. He also joined his father to watch the Indiana Hoosiers games in Bloomington, and when he was enrolled at Zionsville Community High School, he played for the school’s basketball team and won four straight games with the team during his time there. When he came to DePauw University, Stevens couldn’t help but prove how talented he is by playing all 101 DePauw games and receiving four college letters. In addition to his BA degree in Economics, Stevens left a remarkable record at the university as a three-time nominee for the All-America Academic Degree.

Brad Stevens Wife (Tracy Wilhelmy Stevens) Family, Age, Height, Salary
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As team captain, he averaged more than 8 points per game in three of his four years. During his time at the university, Stevens even went so far as to train passionate young basketball players in Butler basketball camps. He even joined some clubs and associations, such as the board of directors of DePauw Community Services’ Sports Night. In fact, it was at the end of his senior years at the university that he received the Coaches’ Award. In 2000, he volunteered at the Butler’s basketball office and was promoted to full-time assistant coach just two years later. Under his new rank, he became the third-youngest coach in NCAA Division I, leading his team to a total of 30 wins. He also recorded the highest number of victories in the first three years of a coach’s history.

On April 2, 2007, Stevens switched from assistant coach to head coach and became the second-youngest coach in Division I basketball. Despite his 12-year contract extension with the Butlers, he was signed on July 3, 2013, as head coach of the Boston Celtics. He was named head coach of the Eastern Conference for the 2017 NBA All-Star Game, making him the sixth Celtics coach to receive this honor.


Brad Stevens was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, and grew up there as the son of his father Mark Stevens, and his mother Jan Stevens. There are no records of his siblings. As for his married life, Brad Stevens is married to Tracy Wilhelmy Stevens, whom he met while studying at DePauw University.

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Wife (Tracy Wilhelmy Stevens)

Tracy, like Stevens, is a sports enthusiast, she even played football for DePauw and was attracted to Stevens after hearing about his love for basketball. She graduated from Indianapolis Law School last year and worked both as Steven’s agent and as an employment and labor lawyer. However, the couple married in August 2003, and together they have two children, their first son is named Brady, while the youngest son, a girl, is named Kinsley Stevens.

Brad Stevens Wife (Tracy Wilhelmy Stevens) Family, Age, Height, Salary
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Brad Stevens Salary and Net Worth

Stevens’ annual salary is about $3 million and his net worth is about $6 million. Before his contract with the Boston Celtics of the NBA in 2013, Brad Stevens confirmed that he would receive over $1 million a year from the Buttler’s Club, but he preferred to work for the NBA and he successfully signed a $22 million contract with the Boston Celtics. Before he signed with the Boston Celtics, there was a rumor that the UCLA Bruins men’s basketball offered him about $3 million a year to leave Butler, but he declined. Since joining the Boston Celtics, his career history has been highly successful, with a great record of impressive coaching style.

Height, Body Statistics

Stevens is not only known for his always calm and calculated coaching style but also his good looks and height have made him stand out among his peers. Although there is no information about his height, we could place Brad Stevens at 1.66m.