Bill Hemmer Gay, Married, Wife, Family, Bio, Wiki

There are people you can hardly help but know. One of them is Bill Hemmer. The journalist had a good career in the media moving from CNN to Fox. Many of us know him as the man on television but there is much more about the man who is still unknown.

Bill Hemmer Bio, Wiki

Far from telling us what is going on Bill Hemmer was born on November 14, 1964, and his name is William George Hemmer.

Bill Hemmer Gay, Married, Wife, Family, Bio, Wiki

The third child in a family of five Bill was raised with his siblings in Cincinnati Ohio where he was born. It was also where he graduated from Elder High School. Before that, he attended the Catholic parish school Notre-Dame de la Victoire (Cincinnati).

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His interest in the media is no coincidence. It all started when he was young when he was a DJ in high school. While in his second year at Elder Bill started a radio show with a friend. The program played 15 minutes of music to the students before class.

It was not surprising that after high school Hemmer decided to pursue and obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Miami.

Bill Hemmer Gay, Married, Wife, Family, Bio, Wiki

While still at university Bill became a disc jockey intern for Mama Jazz at WMUB-FM. From there he switched to WOXY-FM. It was a massive move for him especially since the station is considered the first alternative music station in America.

From there he went to CBS affiliate WCPO-TV. Here, he served as a sports presenter on weekends for the resort. After leaving the station he took a job at CNN.

With CNN Bill has had a very good career in 10 years at the station where he has hosted several very important programs such as CNN Tonight CNN Early Edition American Morning CNN Live Today, and CNN Morning News.

Bill Hemmer Gay, Married, Wife, Family, Bio, Wiki

Before joining CNN Bill took a long break from CBS to see the world which resulted in Bill’s excellent adventure. It was a collection of dispatches cassettes and photos that he was able to collect during his travels to China, Vietnam, Nepal, India, Egypt, Israel, and Eastern Europe.

It is thanks to this collection that the broadcaster was able to go home with two regional Emmys Best Entertainment Programme and Best Host.

From CNN Bill Hemmer switched to Fox News in 2005. With the station, he grew up as one of the best and was able to handle many very important reports.

Bill Hemmer Fox News

Interested in promoting journalism Hemmer created the William G. Hemmer Scholarship in 2005. He created this award to support any deserving student from Elder High School who is interested in journalism and travels around the world.

A devoted Catholic Bill Revealed what makes him the man that he is thus: “I don’t think there was one aspect of me that wasn’t shaped by my family whether it was my parents or my brother and sisters. We were all close in age. We were close at home.”

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Bill Hemmer married, Wife

Over 50 years old a charming and very popular man many would expect Bill Hemmer to have a wife somewhere. To your disappointment and ours, the man is not yet married.

Bill Hemmer Wife

Because he is not yet settled there have been many rumors suggesting that Bill Hemmer is gay. It’s even because there is no known partner. Hemmer, for his part, did not confirm or deny the rumors. I doubt anyone would expect him to do that.

It is suspected that he had several relationships although the best known is his relationship with the Canadian model Dara Tomanovich. Both are seriously 8 years old (2005-2013) and just when everyone thought they were going to get along the announcement came that everything was over.

This happened in 2013 and since then no one has come forward or revealed that the man was his girlfriend. We can therefore assume that he is single until proven otherwise.

Is Bill Hemmer Married to Sandra Smith?

Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith have never been romantically involved however after they began working together as co-anchors their on-screen chemistry was undeniable. This led viewers to speculate that the pair may be in a relationship despite there being no evidence or confirmation of this. As a result, rumors about them having an intimate connection quickly spread among fans who were eager for the two to become an item.

It was quickly revealed that the speculation about Sandra and Bill being romantically involved were unfounded. This theory was debunked when it became known that Sandra had been married to John Connelly a marketing professional from America for some time and they have two children together. Bill has no involvement in this relationship whatsoever.

Is Bill Hemmer Married To Megyn Kelly?

It is widely speculated that Hemmer and Megyn Kelly had a similar dynamic to Sandra and her co-anchor when they began hosting news programs together. While the two have been seen as having strong onscreen chemistry there has never been any romantic involvement between them nor will marriage ever be an option.

Is Bill Hemmer Gay?

Despite the rumors, Bill is not and has never been gay. However, his secretive nature regarding personal matters is a common trait among celebrities who prefer to keep their lives private. As such it’s no surprise that speculation about his sexuality arose due to this tendency of staying out of the public eye.

Rumors surrounding Hemmer’s sexuality were heightened after an edited photograph of him shirtless began circulating online. However, it was soon revealed that the image was a photoshopped version of Tiger Woods’ body with Bill’s head superimposed on top; a mistake that caused much confusion and speculation among fans. This photo-editing error did not sit well with the Fox reporter or his supporters as they had to work hard to set the record straight regarding his true identity to quell any further rumors.

Bill acted quickly to report the incident to the authorities and put an end to the rumors about his sexual orientation. However, a determined fan still sent a letter to Queerty to uncover Bill’s true identity. Fortunately, Queerty was able to confirm that Bill was indeed straight and dating Dara at that time they were going steady with each other.

An article published by Queerty recently revealed that Bill , co-anchor of the American Newsroom is heterosexual. This news came after he announced on his program that he had taken a special someone to the Empire State Building just the day before. The piece was titled “Bill Hemmer’s Heterosexuality Breaks Our None Existence Hearts”, indicating how this announcement may have come as a disappointment for some members of the LGBTQ+ community who had long hoped for an openly queer public figure in such a prominent role.

During one of his TV programs, Hemmer surprised the audience by revealing an image of his then-girlfriend via mobile phone. His co-anchor Megyn Kelly was taken aback and remarked “This doesn’t sound like you”. It was evident that the renowned journalist had been deeply infatuated with her for some time. This unexpected announcement sent shockwaves through fans and the public alike as they were not expecting such a gesture from him.

Net worth

Given the distance he has traveled and the money he has invested, you would be betting that Bill Hemmer’s net worth should be in the millions. That’s the way it is. Bill Hemmer has a net worth of $35 million as of 2024.

Quick Facts

Date of Birth:14 November 1964 
 Age:58 years old
 Birth Nation:United States of America
NameBill Hemmer
FatherWilliam R. Hemmer
MotherGeorganne M. Knittle
Birth Place/CityCincinnati, Ohio, United States
ReligionRoman Catholic
ProfessionJournalist television presenter
Working ForFox News Channel
Net Worth$3 Million
Salary$400 Thousand
GirlfriendDara Tomanovich
EducationMiami University
AwardsEmmy Award
Online PresenceYes in Wiki, Twitter
TV ShowAmerica’s Newsroom, American Morning,
All American New Year, Fox Online,
America’s Election Headquarters