Avery Bradley Wife, Girlfriend, Height, Weight, Age, Biography
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If you’re a basketball fan, chances are you know Avery Bradley, the remarkable shooting guard of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Although Avery Bradley is physically better suited to the position of a point guard, he has proven to be exceptionally good as a shooting guard – a position reserved for the larger players. With strength, endurance, and speed, Avery makes up for his lack of size for his position.

The young star played high school basketball and then played college basketball for the University of Texas, Austin, before moving on to the NBA in 2010 to finish 19th in the Boston Celtics’ overall standings. During his seven seasons with the Celtics, Avery Bradley was twice recognized as an NBA All-Defensive Team Member. His move to the Detroit Pistons in 2017 also yielded positive statistics, but in January 2018 Avery Bradley moved to the Los Angeles Clippers.

Avery Bradley is known for his exceptional athleticism and explosiveness, which helped him win the 2009 McDonald’s All-American Game Slam Dunk Contest.

Avery Bradley Wife, Girlfriend, Height, Weight, Age, Biography
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Avery Bradley: Biography (Age)

Avery Antonio Bradley Jnr. was born in Tacoma, Washington on November 26, 1990, the son of Avery Bradley Snr. and Alicia Jones-Bradley. He grew up in the company of his two older brothers, an older sister, and a younger brother. His father has been in the military for over two decades, while his mother worked as a social worker. After the official divorce of his parents in 2001, the young athlete moved in with his mother, but still maintained a close relationship with his father, who was constantly on the move due to his career.

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Avery Bradley became a Texas fan when his family moved to Arlington, Texas in 2001. They eventually moved back to Tacoma in the summer of 2004, before Avery moved into eighth grade. The young athlete attended Findlay College Prep, where he played basketball, before going on to the University of Texas at Austin for further studies.

In his first year at the University of Texas, Avery Bradley averaged 11.6 points for the Longhorns team, earning him the position of one of the best defenders in the country. In the 2010 NBA Draft, he was finally called up for the Boston Celtics in 19th place overall.

In addition to his work in the NBA, Avery has also founded an organization known as the Avery Bradley Skills Academy. He also organized a basketball camp for children in the Boston area in the summer of 2014, demonstrating his charitable nature.

Personal Life: Wife & Girlfriend

Currently, Avery Bradley is happily married to Ashley Lauren Archbald Garcia, who was his long-time girlfriend before they officially signed the Covenant for Life in 2015. Avery and Ashley met on Facebook when he was 19 years old, through a mutual friend.

Before they married, the couple welcomed their first child two weeks after the death of Avery’s mother – Alicia. Their son, Avery Bradley III, or AB3 as he was nicknamed, was born on September 24, 2013.

Avery Bradley Wife, Girlfriend, Height, Weight, Age, Biography
Image source

The couple still seems to be blissfully in love after many years together. They are often seen together at public events, although they generally tend to keep a low profile. This explains why there is not much to find in Ashley’s background and profession. However, it is generally assumed that she has a flourishing career that keeps her busy. Although we are sure that her newfound life in the limelight could be an adjustment for her, Ashley seems to be setting everything in motion.

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His Height, Weight

The talented basketball player stands at a height of 1.88 m and weighs a corresponding 82 kg (180 lb) body mass. His other body measurements are currently not known to the public. Given his chosen career, it is relatively easy for Avery Bradley to stay in this great shape.

Net Worth

The total net worth of the Shooting Guard Avery Bradley is estimated at a whopping $26 million. A detailed breakdown of his net worth shows an annual salary of $8.809 million, personal investments worth $11 million, seven luxury cars of the brands Mercedes, Range Rover, and Nissan. His net worth also include his luxury home in Washington, which he acquired in 2012. Currently, the value of the house is estimated at $1.8 million.