Anthony Cumia Girlfriend, Wife, Net Worth, Bio, Other Facts
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As the host of a popular radio show in a city of over 8 million inhabitants, you are a kind of personality. Add to that a controversial lifestyle and you are definitely a celebrity. That’s the life of Anthony Cumia, a radio personality in New York whose career has not failed because of controversy. To learn more about Anthony Cumia’s life, including his wealth, professional history, and controversies, read below.

Anthony Cumia Biography

Before public opinion was divided between adoration and hate, Anthony Cumia was just a simple laborer who fixed the petty structural problems of New York houses. Although he dropped out of high school and never attended college, he was a man with a dream of becoming a radio personality. When Gregg “Opie” Hughes announced an O.J. Simpson song parody contest, Anthony saw it as an opportunity to live part of his dream and hear his voice on the radio.

Anthony went to work with his brother Joe and submitted a song that became one of the winners of the contest. He and his brother were invited to the show. Gregg, who fell in love with the brothers’ work, wanted more from the source, and in no time Anthony produced comedy sketches for Gregg. Both parties recognized how well they worked together and how well the chemistry between them was right and decided to start a joint show in 1995.

Anthony Cumia Girlfriend, Wife, Net Worth, Bio, Other Facts
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Anthony Cumia and Opie Hughes became quite effective but problematic couple. Despite their obvious ability to host a show that attracts a large audience, their on-air behavior was a never-ending source of problems for the duo. Their first show, which started in March 1995, was canceled because of a terrible prank that made the audience think that the mayor of Boston had died in a car accident.

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Despite their problematic nature, they attracted large audiences and were given new opportunities time and again. With each new chance, their show grew larger and reached 17 stations nationwide in 2002, after being signed to another station, WNEW Radio in New York. At the time, they had Jim Norton on the show to keep their excesses under control. It was not very effective, however, as Anthony Cumia and Opie Hughes dropped their show after another controversial stunt and were banned from the show for two years.

But shortly after, the couple were back on the radio, this time on satellite radio. The couple ran an eight-year uninterrupted broadcast from April 2006 to July 2014, when Anthony Cumia’s controversial nature manifested itself in a series of racist tweets. He was subsequently dismissed from the show. He managed to find a way to still live his dream of being a radio personality. Together with Artie Lange, he is currently hosting a show called The Artie and Anthony Show.

Net Worth

Anthony Cumia is worth 8 million dollars. As co-host of one of the most popular radio shows he is financially rewarded. He currently earns $3 million per year.

Wife & Girlfriend

Anthony met a lady named Jennifer who was to become his wife in 1987. Jennifer, who was dating Joseph, Anthony Cumia’s brother, started dating Anthony in 1989 after she broke up with Joe and they got married after seven months. The couple divorced in March 2002.

Anthony Cumia Girlfriend, Wife, Net Worth, Bio, Other Facts
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Later, Anthony dated Jill Nicolini in 2008 and Melissa Stetten as a model in 2012. Anthony’s series of controversial and bad behavior didn’t stop at his shows. On December 19, 2015, he got into a fight with his girlfriend, Danielle Brand, and it turned violent. He was arrested and released without bail on December 21.

After he had previously denied the charges of arrest, it was revealed in June 2016 that he had pleaded guilty in a confessional deal to third-degree assault and criminal obstruction of breathing. All evidence currently indicates that Anthony Cumia is single.

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Other Facts About Anthony Cumia

1. He Is An NRA Supporter

Anthony Cumia is a supporter of the National Rifle Association and holds a carrying permit for New York City. His favorite rifle is the Heckler & Koch P2000 .40 caliber, which he usually carries with him, along with a PPKS .380 ACP.

2. Anthony Cumia Has Been To Rehab

On March 30, 2016, Anthony announced that he would spend the next month in rehab for unspecified problems. He has a well-documented alcohol abuse problem, which he says began at a young age because his father fostered a culture of enabling alcohol abuse.

3. He Is Trying To Become An Author

Anthony also tries to step out of the radio booth and become an author. In September 2017 he announced that he would write a book.