Home Celebrity Aneliz Aguilar’s Biography: Meet the daughter of Pepe Aguilar

Aneliz Aguilar’s Biography: Meet the daughter of Pepe Aguilar

Aneliz Aguilar's Biography: Meet the daughter of Pepe Aguilar
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Aneliz Aguilar is a twenty-something Mexican-American food truck owner and social media star from McAllen, Texas. Now residing in Los Angeles – the City of Angels renowned for its entertainment industry and stunning holiday destinations – Aneliz is an avid follower of Christ. Her success story has been an inspiration to many!

She is a highly successful entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $1 million. She has achieved great success in her professional endeavors over the years, and is also well-known for being the daughter of renowned American singer Pepe Aguilar. Further information about Aneliz’s life can be found below.

Aneliz Aguilar Biography

Aneliz Aguilar, born on April 7th 1998, is now 25 years old. She spent a significant portion of her childhood travelling with her family and performing at musical events across the country. Her early experiences have shaped who she is today as an entrepreneur.

Aneliz is an avid animal enthusiast and has a canine companion in her household.


The Instagram star was a student at Oaks Christian High School, where she demonstrated her athleticism by taking part in gymnastics, boxing and diving. During her freshman year she competed in the CIF diving championship and went on to become captain of the school’s diving team.

Aguilar successfully completed her high school studies in May 2020 and is now pursuing an undergraduate degree.

Aneliz Aguilar – what does she do?

Since she was eleven, Aneliz had dreamed of owning a restaurant. In October 2015, her dream became reality when she opened a healthy food truck instead of the originally planned restaurant – as restaurants offering similar food were quite common at the time. Through hard work and dedication to her original vision, Aneliz was able to make her dream come true despite changing course along the way.

Aguilar, a junior in high school, set out to create an alternative for those with food allergies, vegetarian preferences, or vegan diets by launching her own food truck business. Her goal was to provide a wide selection of healthy and organic items that would cater to these dietary needs.

After successfully launching her business, Aneliz Aguilar moved on to become an online faculty member at her school. She is in charge of managing the business side of the food truck and enjoys taking part in its culinary aspects when she has time away from school.

Aneliz is a highly sought-after social media influencer with an impressive 691k+ followers on Instagram. She regularly posts photos of her stylish outfits and travel destinations, giving her audience a glimpse into her life. Additionally, Aneliz shares workout and styling videos to help inspire others in their own fashion choices.

Aneliz Aguilar’s Age

Aneliz is a 25-year-old individual born on April 7th, 1998 in McAllen, Texas within the United States of America. Her zodiac sign is Aries and she will turn 25 by December 2023.

Aneliz Aguilar’s Net Worth

Aneliz has an estimated net worth of $1 million, which comes from her business ventures and paid partnerships with clothing brands. Her father, a well-known celebrity in the industry, reportedly has a net worth of $10 million.

Who is Aneliz Aguilar’s Mother?

Alvarez, a Mexican-American from the United States of America, is Aneliz’s mother. She was 42 years old in 2022 and chose to be a stay-at-home mom after getting married to Aneliz’s father on 11 October 1997.

Is Aneliz Aguilar on Tik Tok?

Angela Aguilar, the younger sister of the individual in question, is a rising star on Tik Tok. As of 11 December 2022 she has amassed 10.4 million followers and over 67 million likes for her videos. She has also made several appearances on her sister’s account, demonstrating that even though this person may not be active themselves they are still connected to the platform through their sibling’s success story.

Is Aneliz Aguilar a singer?

Aneliz has inherited her love of singing from her father, Pepe Aguilar. Born in San Antonio, Texas on August 7th 1968, the 54-year-old is a renowned American singer who began his musical journey at an early age. Though Aneliz may not be a recording artist herself yet, she certainly takes after her father’s talent and passion for music.

Where is Aneliz Aguilar from?

Aneliz, originally from the United States of America, was raised and schooled in her home country. In 2022 it was reported that she had left her parent’s house to start a new life in California.

Aneliz Aguilar is a prime example of how age should not be an obstacle to achieving one’s goals. Despite her young age, she has demonstrated that with dedication and focus it is possible to achieve independence in life. Her story serves as an inspiration for people of all ages who have aspirations they wish to fulfill.

Is Aneliz Aguilar dating someone?

Aneliz’s current relationship status is not publicly known, though there have been rumors of a potential private love life. Reports suggest that Aneliz may have had one date in the past, but this has yet to be confirmed by her personally.

Does Aneliz Aguilar have any siblings?

Yes, Angela Aguilar is the sister and Leonardo Aguilar and Jose Aguilar are her two brothers respectively.

Aneliz Aguilar’s Height

This social media personality stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) and weighs approximately 125 lb. (57 kg). Her features include dark brown hair and eyes.

Aneliz is passionate about fitness and has a consistent exercise routine. She puts her all into every workout to achieve her goals.

Aneliz Aguilar is an extraordinary businesswoman and Instagram celebrity, who at the tender age of 23 has achieved remarkable success in both entrepreneurship and social media influence. Her enthusiasm and dedication have enabled her to not only establish a successful business but also excel as a digital influencer. Aneliz’s ambition will no doubt lead her to even greater accomplishments in years to come.

Quick Facts

Full nameAneliz Aguilar
Date of birthApril 7, 1998
Age25 years old as of 2023
Zodiac signAries
Place of birthMcAllen, Texas, United States of America
Current residenceLos Angeles, California, United States of America
Height in feet5’5″
Height in centimetres165cm
Weight in kilograms57kg
Weight in pounds125Ibs
Eye colourDark-brown
Hair colourDark-brown
SiblingsAngela Aguilar, Emiliano Aguilar and Jose Aguilar
Marital statusUnmarried
OccupationSocial media influencer, entrepreneur
CollegeOaks Christian High School
Net worthApproximately $1 million
Social media@aneliz_aguilar