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Andrea Russett Bio, Height, Age, Girlfriend and Other Facts You Need To Know

Andrea Russett Bio, Height, Age, Girlfriend and Other Facts You Need To Know
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Regardless of who you are, where you are, who you want to reach in order to achieve what you want to become, the Internet can make this possible and has certainly made this possible for someone like Andrea Russett, who is our topic in this post.

Andrea in her younger years has been described as not being too interested in school because she had many creative ideas that would be best appreciated in the entertainment industry rather than within the four walls of a classroom and thus an educational institution. Today she is a YouTuber and social media personality with millions of followers on all the platforms she subscribed to. Read more about Andrea Russett in the following paragraphs.

Bio And Age Of Andrea Russett

In Fort Wayne, Indiana, on June 27, 1995, Andrea began her life as a toddler of Mark William Russett and Jacqui Russett, a couple whose livelihood consists of fashion design and planning wedding events. She has a little sister named Anna and a brother – Anthony.

Young Andrea was enrolled in a private Catholic high school where she received a formal education before moving to California in her first year. Her move to California was to enable her to meet the requirements of a contract she had signed with Fullscreen. However, to further her education, the native-born Indian began taking online classes at an online school but soon left the program in her final year because she felt that people learn differently and she was not suited to learning by writing reports, but rather by doing something practical.

As she was ready for the bright future that awaited each of her creative steps, Andrea began producing her own designer clothing line, FLAWD Clothing. This took up all of her time in 2013, and in 2014 she tried something new by taking a job as a radio disc jockey in her hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana while working as a radio host on a station show. This made her something of a celebrity as an on-air personality (OAP).

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Since her talent allowed her to do many creative things in entertainment, she created a YouTube channel where she started publishing her own covers of popular music videos, which, as expected, made her far more popular than her job at the radio. These YouTube videos portrayed her as a young woman who may have had an acting talent but had not yet tried it out. It wasn’t long before she got her first movie role as the character Vanessa in the movie called Expelled in 2014. In 2016 she played much more than different characters in movies like Lovesick (The Girlfriend), Sickhouse (Andrea), A Peculiar Tale (as a fortune teller) and Mike and Dave need wedding dates as the second grubby girl. More recently, Andrea Russett plays the role of the mystical figure in Escape the Night (2017).

The actress is also known in her generation for her activities on YouTube, where she runs the channel called ETTOxFABxFOREVER. The channel was launched exactly on July 8, 2008, and is loaded with hundreds of videos in which she tells her “crazy journey towards becoming a real adult”. She has seen over 200 million cumulative views from her over 2 million subscribers and YouTube visitors.

Whose Girlfriend Is She?

Andrea Russett has never been without love in her life, at least we know for sure because she didn’t withhold the information from the public when she was romantically involved with another YouTuber.

Although some reports omitted whether they were still together or not, others categorically stated that she broke up with Kian Lawley, her former boyfriend, in mid-2014.

Kian is also an actor for all we know of him, and YouTuber was born on September 2, 1995. The boy was born in Sioux City, Iowa, but grew up in San Clemente, California when his family moved when he was a toddler.

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Andrea Russett Height

Andrea Russett stands on 1.5 meters 2 inches, which is not bad since we don’t know her as a model. She comes with a weight of 54 kg and has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Her other body measurements were taken at 32-26-36 inches. She wears US dress size 8, bra size 30B, and US shoe size 8.

Other Facts You Need To Know

Animal cause: This media personality remarkably founded “dollar-for-collar” to raise money against animal cruelty.

Social media followers: As expected, she has accounts on the three most popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On Facebook, she has nearly 300k followers, more than 7 million on Twitter, and over 4 million on Instagram. These are all separate from her already mentioned followers on YouTube, which are well over 2 million.

Radio job: At the age of 14 she became the youngest nationally syndicated radio host in the United States of America.