Alyssa Milano Bio, Net Worth, Who Is The Husband? Here Are The Facts
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How well do you know Alyssa Milano? She is an American actress, producer, and director best known for her roles as Phoebe Halliwell in Charmed, Samantha Micelli in Who’s The Boss, Jennifer Mancini in Melrose Place, Billie Cunningham in My Name’s Earl, and Savannah “Savi” Davis in Mistresses.

Alyssa is known for her beauty and talent; she was also a television icon in the ’80s and ’90s. Many people have identified with her because she has made an effort to speak out on various social issues and to use her voice for the cause. Her areas of interest are many and varied and are not limited to AIDS, vegetarianism, the #MeToo movement, and gender equality.

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Alyssa Milano Bio & Age

Alyssa Milano was born on 19 December 1972 in Brooklyn, New York. Her father is Thomas Milano, the film music editor, and her mother is Lin Milano, a talent manager, and fashion designer. She is of Italian descent and was brought up as a Roman Catholic. She also has a brother, Cory Milano, who is seven years younger than her.

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Alyssa lived with her family in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, until a shooting occurred in the neighborhood. After the shooting, the family moved to Great Kills, Staten Island.

She started her career when she was only seven years old. At that time, she brought her babysitter to audition for one of the roles for Annie in a nationally touring play without notifying her parents. Out of 1,500 applicants, Alyssa was lucky to get one of the key roles. For the play, she traveled with her mother for eighteen months. She then returned to New York and began appearing in commercials. She also got roles in several off-Broadway plays and even appeared in Jane Eyre’s first American musical adaptation.

Shortly afterward she got her first agent when she accompanied a friend from Annie production to meet a talent agent in New York. After being introduced to the agent, he decided to represent her.

Alyssa Milano Net Worth

Alyssa Milano currently has an impressive net worth of $10 million. She has built up this amount over the years from her numerous film and television appearances.

Alyssa was also a singer for a time in her youth before she decided to concentrate on acting – this versatility in her professional career undoubtedly still brings financial rewards that have contributed to her total net worth.

Who Is The Husband?

Alyssa Milano is married to David Bugliari, an agent at Creative Artists Agency. The two got engaged after only one year and got married in 2009 at David’s parents’ house in New Jersey.

Before she and David “happily ever after”, Alyssa Milano was in a relationship with Corey Haim (from Lost Boys celebrity) from 1987 to 1990. During this time, Alyssa, her parents, and his managers struggled to support Haim in his fight against his addiction. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful. Corey Haim died on 10 March 2010.

Alyssa Milano Bio, Net Worth, Who Is The Husband? Here Are The Facts
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After her relationship with Haim, the actress went out with the American actor Scott Wolf and became engaged to him. The two broke off their engagement in 1994.

In 1999 Alyssa married the musician Cinjun Tate, but the marriage was short-lived and ended the next year, in 2000.

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More Facts About Her

1. Alyssa and her husband currently have two children together – a daughter, Elizabella, and a son, Milo

2. Alyssa made her film debut in 1984 when she starred in Old Enough, a drama about growing up that won first prize at the Sundance Film Festival where it was screened. She described this experience as a great opportunity to gain a foothold in the industry.

3. Alyssa admitted in an interview in 2004 that she suffers from dyslexia, which she admits was a struggle for her job. She reported that she had difficulty reading teleprompters and even reading her scripts. The actor, Sir John Gielgud, advised her to write down her lines, as it was easier to remember them that way.

To this day Alyssa still uses this method as it helps her to become familiar with the words.

4. She is one of the few child stars who grew up with a normal and rounded life. She appreciates the support of her family, who pulled the rug out from under her feet, and says she doesn’t believe that spending her childhood in front of the cameras influenced her as much as others.

5. She is also known for her connection to Ryan White, an American teenager who was ostracized for his AIDS. When Alyssa heard that Ryan was a fan of hers, she joined him at a party where they made friendship bracelets for six hours.

Later, she appeared with Ryan on the Phil Donahue Show, where she kissed him to show that AIDS cannot be contracted through casual contact. Her bravery and compassion were applauded.