Alex O’Loughlin Wife, Son, Family, Height, Body Measurements
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Once upon a time, there was Alex O’Loughlin, who was a serious contender for the role of James Bond, before Daniel Craig grabbed it. Today he is best known for his role as Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett in Hawaii Five-O, a remake of the 1968 hit series of the same name.

But Alex is more than just an actor, he is also a director and producer. Since his industry debut in 2001, he has appeared in the supernatural television series Moonlight, the medical show Three Rivers, and the films Oyster Famer and The Back-up Plan, which also starred Jennifer Lopez.

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Alex O’Loughlin Bio & Age

Alex O’Loughlin was born on August 24, 1976, in Canberra, Australia, where he grew up. His mother was a nurse, while his father was an astronomy and physics teacher. As a child, he suffered from OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Alex O’Loughlin Wife, Son, Family, Height, Body Measurements
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In 1999 Alex enrolled at NIDA, National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney. In 2002 he graduated with a Bachelor of Dramatic Art. Other notable NIDA graduates include Cate Blanchett, Toni Collette, Mel Gibson, Katherine Langford, Luke Hemsworth, Hugo Weaving, and Sam Worthington.

The actor is of Scottish and Irish descent.

Alex O’Loughlin Career

Alex O’Loughlin began working in short films and theatre as a teenager. After graduating from NIDA, he starred in several Australian films and television series, including White Collar Blue, BlackJack: Sweet Science, and Love Bytes.

He got his first leading role in 2004 in the film Oyster Farmer, in which he played a criminal who steals money to pay his sick sister’s medical bills. After Oyster Farmer, he starred in Man-Thing, The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant, Feed, and The Shield. For his role in The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant, he was nominated for the Australian Film Institute Awards for Best Leading Actor in Television. He was also nominated for Most Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series at the Logie Awards.

As mentioned above, the Australian actor was also a candidate for the role of James Bond and went all the way to the screen test for the role. Alex described it as the most comprehensive screen test he has ever done, mentioning that he got a haircut, a suit cut, a tuxedo, and was flown to London for the screen test. Even though he didn’t get the part, it can be assumed that it was a good experience.

Alex later played the lead role in Moonlight on CBS where he played a vampire/private detective. The show was not a rating hit, but a fan favorite. When the show was originally scheduled to be canceled, fans flocked around it and the pressure caused the station to give it another four episodes. Although it was the highest-rated series in its slot, the series was still canceled after one season. In order to renew the series, the fans conducted blood drives and a fan-based charity campaign; unfortunately, all their efforts were unsuccessful.

Next, the actor appeared as a guest star in a fourth season episode of Criminal Minds when Vincent Rowlings – a serial killer with OCD – showed that the actor has an acting range in his roles. He was then cast as Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett in Hawaii Five-O, the biggest hit of his career to date. The series was not only successful but was also a long-running hit over several seasons.

Personal Life

Alex and wife
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In 1997 Alex O’Loughlin and his girlfriend at the time had a son, a Saxon. Later he entered into a relationship with Holly Valance – an Australian singer and actress who became famous for her single “Kiss Kiss” and her performance as Christie Miller in the film DOA: Dead or alive. The two separated in 2009 after many years together.

Later he started a relationship with Malia Jones, an American model, and surfer. The two had their first child together in 2012. Alex and Malia got married on April 18, 2014. Alex, Malia, and their children live in Hawaii for the time being, as Alex is shooting the movies Hawaii Five-0.

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Alex is also an ambassador for Donate Life America – a non-profit alliance of national organizations.

Height, Weight & Body Measurements 

The indicated height of the Australian actor is 185 cm (6 ft 0¾ in), his current weight is 79 kg (174lbs) and his other body measurements are chest – 107 cm (42 in), arms/biceps – 38 cm (15 in) and waist – 81 cm (32 in).

Alex maintains his physique by practicing karate, heavy lifting, gymnastics, and circuit training. He trains five days a week and takes care to mix his routines to integrate several exercises like interval training, trail running, and surfing.

He also takes great pains to eat healthy food. His meals vary but often include oatmeal, almonds, bananas, healthy carbohydrates, fresh vegetables, low-fat milk, and protein.