A Complete List of Floyd Mayweather’s Children, Baby Mamas, and The Many Controversies He Has Courted
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Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the greatest American boxers of all time, having retired with an unbeaten record. Among the highlights of his boxing career is the title of a five-time champion with at least five world titles in five different weight categories. Mayweather also joined the likes of Muhammad Ali, winning the Ruler Championship in four different weight categories.

Apart from his professional successes, Mayweather is just like many celebrities around the world who have experienced controversy of one sort or another. He is still at the center of many controversies for many reasons, most notably his lifestyle. Here you will find everything you need to know about the son of Floyd Mayweather Sr., a former welterweight fighter, and Deborah Sinclair, a retired drug addict. Also, learn about his children and baby mamas, and the many controversies he has courted in his life.

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Floyd Mayweather’s Numerous Relationships

Josie Harris

Floyd and Josie began in 1993 in a sweet and romantic relationship that began as such. However, high school love got engaged in 2005, but the wedding did not hold so many themes that broke out during their relationship. As a result, they went their separate ways in 2007, citing irreconcilable differences.

After she broke the connection with Mayweather, Harris tried to share her experience in the hands of the boxer with the world by writing a book that revealed the “risk” of being with the athlete. Floyd went to prison later in 2012 for attacking Harris after he was put on trial in 2005. Sometime in 2005 they got engaged, but we already know that there was no wedding at all.

Floyd Mayweather is known to be a wife-beater, and he has a long history of domestic violence when it comes to Josie. Throughout their relationship, Floyd and Josie had three children, two boys, and a girl. Sadly, in 2020, Harris was found dead in a Southern California suburb in a vehicle parked in the driveway that appears to be their home near the town of Santa Clarita. The cause of her death has not yet been determined.

Melissa Brim

Mayweather was also involved with Melissa Brim, the mother of his second daughter Iyanna. The relationship between Melissa and Floyd began while he and Josie Harris were driving back and forth. Their relationship was quite blissful while it lasted, as she helped him recover from his depressing moments when their relationship finally ended. The duo lasted from 1998 to 2012, and she was mentioned in Josie Harris’ book when Harris once caught her in bed with Mayweather.

Like a serial domestic serial abuser, Brim suffered both physical and verbal abuse at the hands of the boxer. It was expected that Mayweather would be sued for this crime, but she was eventually dropped. Nevertheless, he served two days of house arrest for the abuse that once occurred in front of their daughter Iyanna, who they had in 2000.

Shantel Jackson

In addition to Josie and Melissa, Floyd has been with other women in the past, which ended in failed relationships. Among them is Shantel Jackson. She is the second person the boxer has ever been engaged to but never married. After Mayweather started their relationship in 2006, she convinced Mayweather to move to Las Vegas so they could be together. However, after finding out that the former boxer was a serial con artist, Jackson decided to end the relationship with Floyd in April 2014, even though he was already engaged. We got a glimpse of what happened when Shantel sued the talented boxer for theft, blackmail and of course the battery issue.

Jessica Burciaga

Mayweather also spread his wings at the Playboy Mansion when he was awarded the Playboy Playmate of the Year 2009. He probably fell in love with her during her appearance in various episodes of the reality TV series “The Girls Next Door”. But Jessica only came into the limelight when she won the knockout contest of the magazine “Stuff” in August 2005. In 2008 she started modeling bikinis for Chynna Dolls, but before that, she won the Miss Copa swimwear competition in 2007. Jessica is also known for having modeled for top magazines like Maxim, Stuff, Modified Mag, etc. Their relationship was also short-lived as it ended in 2011 without much success.

Abigail Clarke

In July 2017, the rumor circulated that Floyd Mayweather was involved in a secret romance with Abigail Clarke, a television personality known from the reality TV show “The Only Way Is Essex” aka TOWIE. The duo reportedly first met in Las Vegas in 2016, and Abigail fell for his sense of humor despite his history with women. The two got along well and during their time together they were very serious and everyone thought she was the one. Their relationship was short-lived, however, as it ended several months later.

Clarke gained fame for her many cosmetic operations. She is also the owner of Abis Fitness, which encourages fans to stay healthy. Aside from Abigail and the other women mentioned above, there is a rumor that Mayweather had a brief romance with numerous other women, although none were lucky enough to have children for him. The boxer had an affair with Princess Love from 2012 until May 2014. Although their relationship became closer and closer, she soon died out, as did the rest of his affairs.

Among the other women who are said to have been romantically involved with Mayweather in the past are Doralie Medina, Raemarni Ball, Keyshia Cole, Rozonda Thomas, and Lindsay Lohan. Floyd Mayweather distinguishes himself by going out with different women at the same time. In 2019 he was romantically linked to Tiffanie Seaberry, a YouTuber who also has a lifestyle website. He is also said to have had an affair with the Argentinean Big Brother star Yasmi Mendeguia. He and Yasmi met in a shop and then started dating from there, according to several reports.

Currently, it is not certain who Mayweather is dating, but recently, in a conversation with the YouTube channel Awkward Puppets, he revealed that he has seven girlfriends, and further described them as seven happy girls.

Meet Floyd Mayweather’s Children and Their Mothers

Although he had many affairs with several women, it is interesting to note that the 43-year-old boxer has never been married before. However, the boxing veteran is the proud father of four children – two girls and two boys. During his relationship with Josie Harris, they had two sons, Koran and Zion. Koran is an aspiring musician and was born in 2000. Two years later his brother Zion followed. Josie’s only daughter with the boxer is called Jirah, and she was born in 2005.

His relationship with Melissa Brim also produced a daughter named Iyanna. Just like his first son Koraun, Iyanna was born in 2000. Despite his many controversies, Mayweather is known to be proud of his children and to have been a wonderful father to them all. He always wastes his wealth and buys them presents for their birthdays. For example, on her 14th birthday, he bought Iyanna a Mercedes 550 S-Class and a G-Class.

The Many Controversies He Has Had and His Days In Court

Allegations of Domestic Violence From Melissa Brim and Two Other Women

It is becoming quite common nowadays for celebrities to be associated with some controversy. Floyd Mayweather has had several controversies in his life. Sometime in 2002, the boxing veteran was arrested on charges of domestic violence and assault. The presiding judge found him guilty on all charges and gave him a six-month suspended sentence, combined with 48 hours of community service and two days of house arrest.

Mayweather was picked up again by police in 2004 after two women suspected of being his mistresses were charged with assault. The widely acclaimed boxer was charged, and he received far more than a slap on the wrist. Apart from a one-year suspended sentence, the judge ordered him to see a therapist and to choose between paying a $1000 fine and 100 hours of community service.

Club Fight And Feud with Other Celebrities

The American boxing legend was in the news again in 2005 after he was arrested for attacking a bouncer. After failing to challenge the charges, Mayweather was given a 90-day suspended sentence. For those who wonder what a suspended sentence is, it’s simply a matter of delaying the execution of a sentence until another crime is committed within the specified time frame.

It is well known that Mayweather casts a shadow over all those who disagree with him. He has had a verbal fight with stars like 50 Cent, Rick Ross, TI, Ronda Rousey of the UFC, Chrissy Teigen, Nelly, and Conor Mcgregor, to name but a few.

Domestic Assault Allegations & Defamation Lawsuit From Josie Harris

Mayweather kept a low profile and managed to stay out of trouble for a while after receiving a 90-day suspended sentence in 2005. However, on September 10, 2010, the popular celebrity was called in for questioning by police on the domestic violence charge that Josie Harris had brought against him. Do you remember Josie Harris? She was a long-time friend of the boxing legend.

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The case between Harris and Mayweather began in 2005 but was dropped after Harris withdrew her testimony that Mayweather had beaten her. The retired boxer posted bail the day the police reprimanded him. However, he was charged with grand theft, two counts of aggravated assault, one count of robbery, one count of aggravated domestic violence and three counts of harassment.

In a judgment of 21 December 2011, the presiding judge sentenced Floyd to 90 days in the county jail on the charge of domestic violence. The judge also ordered him to do 100 hours of community service, enroll and complete a one-year domestic violence program and pay a $2,500 fine. Floyd’s conviction at the county jail began on June 1, 2012, and after serving his sentence he was released on August 3, 2012.

Mayweather was sued again in 2015 for defamation of character by Josie Harris. Josie, who is seeking $20 million in damages, claimed that the talented boxer called her a drug addict in an interview he granted in April 2015. According to reports, the matter has not yet been resolved.

Violations of SEC Rules

On 6 July 2015, the World Boxing Organization withdrew the WBO welterweight world championship title from Floyd Mayweather. The organization claimed in a public statement that the boxing world champion was not complying with some of the rules of the umbrella organization. After Floyd’s decision not to comply with the sanctions imposed on him for breaking the rules, the WBO also revoked his welterweight title.