50 Cent Biography, Career, Net Worth, And Other Interesting Facts

50 Cent is an American rapper, actor, TV producer, and businessman born on July 6, 1975. He grew up in South Jamaica Queens and started his music career in 1996.

In 1999-2000, he made his first album “Power of the Dollar” with Columbia Records. Unfortunately a shooting in May 2000 where he was shot nine times led to the album being shelved and him being dropped by the label.

His 2002 mixtape “Guess Who’s Back?” caught the attention of Eminem who signed him to Shady Records a label under Dr. Dre‘s Aftermath Entertainment and Interscope Records.

His debut studio album “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” 2003 was a huge success topping the Billboard 200 chart. It featured hit singles like “In da Club” and “21 Questions” and went nine times platinum.

In 2003, he also started his record label G-Unit Records with members Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo. His second album “The Massacre” 2005 was also very successful with hits like “Candy Shop.”

Later albums like “Curtis” 2007 and “Before I Self Destruct” 2009 didn’t perform as well. In 2014, he released “Animal Ambition” returning to his original style.

Besides music 50 Cent has focused on TV and media. He produced and starred in the series “Power” 2014–2020 and its spin-offs through his company G-Unit Films and Television Inc.

He has sold over 30 million albums globally and won numerous awards including a Grammy and several Billboard Music Awards. In acting, he appeared in films like “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” 2005, “Home of the Brave” 2006, and “Righteous Kill” 2008.

Billboard ranked him 17th on their “50 Greatest Rappers” list in 2023 and named him the sixth top artist of the 2000s decade. Rolling Stone included “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” and “In da Club” on their lists of the best albums and songs of the 2000s.

Full NameCurtis James Jackson III
Date of BirthJuly 6, 1975
Place of BirthQueens, New York City, USA
OccupationRapper, Actor, Entrepreneur
Height6 feet (183 cm)
SpouseShaniqua Tompkins (ex-partner)
ChildrenMarquise Jackson
Net Worth$40 million

50 Cent’s Early Life and Education

50 Cent Biography, Career, Net Worth, And Other Interesting Facts

Fredarick James Jackson III known as 50 Cent was born in Queens, New York City, and grew up in the South Jamaica area with his mom Sabrina who was involved in selling drugs. Tragically Sabrina passed away in a fire when Jackson was just eight years old. In an interview, Jackson shared that his mother was gay. After losing his mom and his dad leaving Jackson was raised by his grandparents.

He started boxing around age 11 and got serious about it at 14 when a neighbor opened a gym for local kids. He also got involved in selling crack on the streets while in school. Jackson said “When I wasn’t in school I was either boxing or selling crack. Boxing taught me competition which is like hip-hop. Rappers and boxers both strive to be the best.”

By age 12, Jackson was dealing drugs which his grandparents didn’t know because they thought he was in after-school programs. He even brought guns and drug money to school. Things escalated in tenth grade when he got caught by metal detectors at Andrew Jackson High School. Jackson recalled feeling ashamed but then started openly admitting to his grandmother that he sold drugs.

In 1994 at 18 years old Jackson was arrested for selling cocaine to an undercover officer. Just three weeks later police found heroin crack cocaine and a starter pistol at his home leading to another arrest. He was sentenced to three to nine years but served only six months in boot camp where he earned his GED. Jackson emphasized that despite selling drugs he did not use them himself.

He adopted the nickname “50 Cent” as a symbol of transformation. The name was inspired by a notorious Brooklyn criminal named Kelvin Martin from the 1980s known as “50 Cent”. Jackson chose it because in his words “It represents everything I stand for. Like 50 Cent I take care of myself by any means necessary.”


50 Cent Biography, Career, Net Worth, And Other Interesting Facts

50 Cent started his music career rapping in a friend’s basement using turntables to record over beats. In 1996 he met Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC who was starting Jam Master Jay Records. Jay taught him songwriting skills how to structure songs and make records. Jackson’s first big moment came in 1998 on Onyx’s “React” track. He credited Jam Master Jay for improving his ability to write catchy parts and Jay even produced Jackson’s first album though it never got released.

After leaving Jam Master, Jay Jackson signed with Columbia Records in 1999 through the Trackmasters a duo known for producing platinum hits. He went to a studio in upstate New York and churned out 36 songs in two weeks 18 of which made it onto his 2000 debut album “Power of the Dollar.” Jackson then co-founded Hollow Point Entertainment with former G-Unit member Bang ‘Em Smurf.

50 Cent gained fame with his controversial underground single “How to Rob” where he humorously rapped about robbing famous artists. The song got attention from big names like Jay-Z Nas and DMX. However just before he was set to film a music video for another song “Thug Love” he was shot and hospitalized.

On May 24, 2000, outside his grandmother’s former home Jackson was attacked by a gunman. He was hit nine times and suffered injuries to his hand arm hip legs chest and face. Miraculously he survived which made him reflect on his purpose in life. Jackson underwent a long recovery using a walker for six weeks and eventually regained his strength through a rigorous workout routine.

During his hospital stay, Jackson signed a deal with Columbia Records but was later dropped and blacklisted due to his song “Ghetto Qu’ran.” Unable to work in the US he recorded over thirty songs in Canada for mixtapes to build his reputation. This strategy paid off and by 2002 he released the mixtape “Guess Who’s Back?” catching the attention of Eminem. Eminem introduced Jackson to Dr. Dre leading to a $1 million record deal and the release of “No Mercy No Fear.”

In 2003, Jackson’s debut album “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” catapulted him to stardom debuting at number one on the Billboard 200. His single “In da Club” set a record as the most listened-to song in radio history within a week. He also founded G-Unit Records under Interscope signing artists like Lloyd Banks and Young Buck.

In September 2007 50 Cent released his third album Curtis which was influenced by his life before his breakout album Get Rich or Die Tryin’. It entered the Billboard 200 chart at number two selling 691000 copies in its first week. However, it was outsold by Kanye West‘s Graduation released the same day. This marked a shift away from the gangsta rap and flashy style that had been dominating mainstream hip-hop.

50 Cent Biography, Career, Net Worth, And Other Interesting Facts

On September 10, 2008, during an episode of Total Request Live 50 Cent announced his fourth album Before I Self Destruct would be finished and released in November. He dropped the single “Ok You’re Right” produced by Dr. Dre for this album on May 18, 2009. Around this time he also teased a mixtape and book titled The 50th Law. Before I Self Destruct hit stores on November 9 2009 debuting at number 5 on the Billboard 200 continuing his streak of top 5 albums in the US.

From 2010 to 2015, 50 Cent explored new musical styles and business ventures. He initially planned a Eurodance album called Black Magic but later shifted focus to an album titled The Return of the Heartless Monster. During this period he also embarked on tours and collaborated with artists like Eminem and Jay-Z.

In 2011, he announced work on his fifth album aiming to capture the aggressive energy of his early success. The album faced delays due to disagreements with his record label Interscope Records. Despite setbacks, he continued to release singles and promote his projects including his charity-based energy drink Street King.

50 Cent’s fifth album Street King Immortal originally set for 2012 was delayed multiple times due to disagreements with Interscope. Despite these challenges, he released singles like “New Day” and “My Life” featuring Eminem and Adam Levine.

In 2014, 50 Cent parted ways with Interscope Aftermath Entertainment and Shady Records signing instead with Caroline and Capitol Music Group. He released Animal Ambition in June 2014 which focused on themes of prosperity and debuted well on the Billboard charts.

From 2015 to 2021, 50 Cent continued to work on his music and expand into other ventures. He released singles and planned the release of his sixth studio album Street King Immortal though it faced delays and was eventually shelved after a decade of development.

During this time he also took on roles in films and TV series including executive producing projects like Pop Smoke’s debut album and the Starz series “Black Mafia Family”. He moved to Houston for new business opportunities and continued writing screenplays.

In 2022, 50 Cent surprised audiences with a performance at the Super Bowl LVI halftime show earning critical acclaim and a Primetime Emmy Award. His journey continues to blend music acting and entrepreneurial ventures cementing his status as a versatile entertainer and businessman.

Net Worth

50 Cent has an estimated net worth of $40 Million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The main source of 50 Cent’s net worth is his business ventures, especially his investment in Vitaminwater. He made a lot of money when Coca-Cola bought Vitaminwater in 2007. Besides that, he earns money from his music, acting, and other business deals.

Personal life

50 Cent Biography, Career, Net Worth, And Other Interesting Facts

50 Cent has shared that his life philosophy shaped by surviving a shooting is accepting fate when your time is up believing it’s determined by a higher power. Despite his songs often mentioning drugs and alcohol and his ownership of Branson Cognac he abstains from alcohol due to a bad experience.

In 2007, Forbes recognized 50 Cent’s wealth ranking him just behind Jay-Z in the rap industry. He lived in a mansion in Farmington Connecticut previously owned by boxer Mike Tyson which he later sold in 2019 for much less than its original price to be closer to his son.

In 2007, the mayor of Bridgeport declared October 12 as “50 Cent Curtis Jackson Day” honoring him with a proclamation and key to the city. Another of his homes in New York bought for $2.4 million in 2007 was damaged by fire in 2008 amid a legal dispute with Shaniqua Tompkins.

In 2008, 50 Cent faced financial setbacks due to stock market losses and struggled to sell his Connecticut mansion delaying his album release. He also won a lawsuit against Taco Bell in 2009 over unauthorized use of his name.

In 1996, Jackson’s girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins gave birth to their son Marquise which changed his outlook profoundly. Despite their relationship turning sour after separation in 2008 Jackson credits Marquise for inspiring him and pushing him in a positive direction although their relationship remains strained.

In his personal life, Jackson dated actress Vivica A. Fox briefly in 2003. He later had a son named Sire Jackson with model Daphne Joy in 2012 who started modeling at a young age and earned through contracts with brands.

50 Cent initially supported President George W. Bush in 2005 then shifted to supporting Barack Obama in 2007. He later endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016 but temporarily endorsed Donald Trump in 2020 before retracting his support and endorsing Joe Biden.

Overall 50 Cent’s life has been marked by personal challenges significant financial success and evolving political viewpoints. His dedication to family and personal growth remains central despite the ups and downs.

Legal issues

50 Cent Biography, Career, Net Worth, And Other Interesting Facts

On June 29, 1994, Jackson was arrested for selling four small containers of cocaine to an undercover police officer. Three weeks later police searched his home and found heroin ten ounces of crack cocaine and a starter’s pistol. He was sentenced to three to nine years in prison but served only six months in a boot camp where he earned his high school diploma. He claims he didn’t use cocaine.

In December 2002, Jackson and four of his friends were arrested outside a nightclub in Manhattan at 2 a.m. Police found a .25-caliber handgun and a .45-caliber pistol in a parked car with tinted windows. He faced charges for having these weapons.

In July 2005, Jackson received two years’ probation for jumping into a crowd and assaulting three people after someone threw a water bottle at him during a May 2004 incident.

Regarding lawsuits, Jackson sued an advertising company in July 2007 for using his image in a way he felt endangered him. The ad appeared on a Myspace page and featured a cartoon resembling him with a message encouraging violence against him.

In 2008, Jackson sued Taco Bell over an ad that proposed he change his name to promote their menu items. The case was settled out of court.

In May 2016, Jackson insulted and harassed a janitor at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. The janitor was a teenager with autism and hearing impairment named Andrew Farrell. Jackson settled a lawsuit with the family by donating $100000 to Autism Speaks and apologizing.

In another legal matter, a judge ruled in 2016 that Jackson had permission to use a music sample in one of his songs.

There were other civil and criminal cases involving Jackson including a house fire in 2008 domestic violence charges in 2013 and issues with his Instagram posts in 2016.

In 2020, Jackson faced criticism for a video where he gave money to a Burger King on behalf of a local scammer who was later arrested for Bitcoin fraud and other crimes in 2021.